The Reduced Price Apricot and Almond Tart, the #43Leaves piece, a piece of work in 43 parts…

#43Leaves – a piece of work in 43 parts, acrylic on recycled wood, June 2019

Fresh leaf growth, #43Leaves, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings on found recycled unwanted wood picked up off the streets. All 43 paintings, all 43 parts of the piece painted especially for this Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair each painting for sale only on.the day at a one-off price of £5 per painting. One piece of work to be share between 43 people. . The Art Car Boot Fair happens this Sunday June 23rd, 1pn until 6pm over in Kings Cross, London, N1. I’ve gone on at length about the Art Car Bot Fair already, it is one of the best days of the year

“The Apricot & Almond Tart” (June 2019) acrylic on recycled packaging

“Reduced Price Apricot and Almond Tart” (June 2019) Acrylic on used metallic and cardboard packaging, a one-off piece of art available at a reduced price of £1.50 at next Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair. The Tart was reduced, it has to be eaten, everything in a canvas, the price sticker is still on the piece and once a piece is priced then that’s how much it costs.

Three Apples – acrylic on canvas (2019)

There will be new fruit paintings of course, right now there is always a new fruit painting, 2019 has been rather fruit flavoured so far this year, painting fruit just for the enjoyment of doing just that, art should be enjoyable for the artist, not all the time, but now and again, in between the battles.

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