43 Paintings on CD covers, the days of ORG Records, Organ Radio 8, Cardiacs, Sea Nymphs, Pura Vida…


People have been asking about ORG Records recently (we ran a record label for quite a few years back there), people have been asking if there was anything left? If there are any plans for re-issues or new releases? No, not really, there has been a couple of old releases issued as limited editions of 43 in hand painted covers recently but that’s all – actually I see these pieces as paintings that just happen to come with a CD, rather than just a painting on a cover. The ORG Records days is something we get asked quite a bit so for once I’ll attempt to answer properly. ORG Records came to a natural end about ten years ago now, I don’t know how many releases there were in the end, something like 200 albums, singles, vinyl, CDs and such. Most of them have long since sold out and have been deleted, there are no plans to re-issue anything right now, I don’t expect there ever will be (and if I could do it all again I probably wouldn’t, although I reckon most of those releases still stand up, rather proud of most of them). It all came to a natural end with that final Cardiacs single, final in terms of the label rather than the band. There are one or two releases still available via the Cultivate Big Cartel shop or indeed the Organgrinder ebay shop, but no, the label is, like the printed zine and the gigs and the rest of it, old history now, hopefully most of it good history.

Sean Worrall – 43 Paintings (series 2), 2018

However, you know how much I really do hate ever throwing anything out and everything is there to be painted on or to make art with. We did find a box of Organ radio 8 CDs, a compilation CD full of all kinds of goodies from the ORG catalogue, Cardiacs, Sea Nymphs, Rhatigan, Dream City Film Club, Sack Trick, Little Giant Drug (Napalm Death’s slightly prog/folk offshoot band that most people didn;t notice at the time), a disc far too good to just throw in the recycling. I did paint a series of 43 paintings on cardboard CD envelopes last tear and put the, on sale, £5 each, all 43 are now sold, also did and edition of 43 paintings with another ORG release recently, a Herzoga/To The Bones split CD single that had loads of bonus tracks from other bands on there, and now there’s a 4th series of 43 paintings on those sturdy cardboard CD envelopes, once again with the Organ Radio 8 CD and Cardiacs and Sea Nymphs inside, I thinks that CD still sounds excellent, Pura Visa, Gog Magog, Angel Cage and such, but these pieces really are about the paintings, the music and the label is all old history now…

Sean Worrall – 43 Paintings (series 4), 2019

We were approached to put out a best of a year or so ago, I did kind of like the idea in terms of the proposed double vinyl album side of things and doing the artwork but really, no, even if I do say so myself, a “best of” would be one hell of a collection,but hey, really no! We’ve been there and done all that and you really needed to be there as it was happening… There were many ORG Records adventure, maybe one say we’ll put it all down on paper , here’s a bit about the adventure with Sea Nymphs and John Peel and such. one day we’ll tell the whole story, this rather beautiful Cardiacs single was pretty much where our record label ended…

You can find the paintings on CD and details of the tracklisting and what’s on the discs and such via the Cultivate on-line shop