“Starz – Six More”, still locked down, can’t drop yet…

“Starz – Six More” – Acrylic on found wood, approc 20cm x 9cm (June 2020)

Leaves, starz, six more pieces painted together, six pieces on found recycled wood, if we were still in some kind of lockdown they might have been art drops, but we are still kind of lockeddown and four of these paintings have now found their way to the home of a buyer in Germany while the other two have been sold to a collector in the North East of England. We will hopefully be getting back to art drops at some point. The six pieces were once again painted on found wood, as was “A Leaf” (another piece that has gone off to hang on a wall in Germany), six pieces painted on a piece of broken wooden furniture pulled out of a skip in Hackney – pulled out, cleaned up, cut up and painted on. You have to rock six times (as a band once said)