Star Star, star factories, flags, cynical smiles and….

Sean Worrall – “Star Star” – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm (July 2020)

A painting concluded yesterday, yesterday was a rather productive day, several new pieces under way, some days it can be about just one painting and a focus, other days it can be a kind of pop art star factory and a couple of dozen paintings can be happening all at once, yesterday was a star factory kind of day.

Yesterday at the studio – July 2020, work in progress

Sometimes it is jsut about pop art and layers and paint, sometimes it is about a little more, it is about flags and reactions and something tainted with anger  or driven by anger or anger in an energy, a cynical smile as it were… on with the painting of things…  I’ll put the Star Star painting in the shop in a moment…