There is always a new painting, there is always resilience…

A new painting, “Resilience” (August 2020) – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm. A new painting, but then there is always a new painting. There are always many paintings underway, some take hours, some take days, months and sometimes year

“Resilience” (August 2020) – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm

There are the Ten paintings, still going on, there’s a series of 13 small paintings over there still in progress, there’s a bigger canvas on the easel that was started on New Year’s Eve way before we knew what a nightmare of a year 2020 was going to be, there is a more poltical painting progress as a result of some of the things that have been shaping this year, there’s a fifth Counting painting, there are always paintings in progress, there is always resilience…

There are another wee’s worth of Ten paintings that need to be photographed, oh and the on-line shop is, now we have got over some tedious technicla problems, being regularly updated with new pieces.

Some of the recent Ten paintings