More leaves left hanging, there for people to just take…

A Leaf left hanging, the 20th part of the month-long August ##43Leaves piece.

More Leaves left hanging on walls and fences, more of the paintings that will eventually make up the August 2020 month-long #43Leaves piece of work. One piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings on found recycled unwanted material picked up off the streets. Material picked up, cleaned up, painted on and then as always left hanging back out on the street for people to just take should they wish to.Nothing to do with publicist ahead of some print release in partnership with some gallery or other, nothing to do with publicising an upcoming show, just a piece of art in 43 part, 43 paintings that don’t involved money or galleries or any of that, 43 pieces of unwanted material recycles and put to some kind of use that extends the material’s life a little longer. Five paintings were hung on Sunday, i see from my social media feeds at least two found new homes, one with someone Doug and one with a girl called Nelly – it is good to see these postings, the finders and their postings and the use of the #43Leaves hashtag are big parts of the piece – sometimes it is just a simple posting and a photo of the pieces, sometimes we get an nice big story and we get to find out whee the piece has gone or where it is hanging now.


The careful hanging of pieces will go on this week, still eighteen paintings to go,  there is a need ot get this piece completed. there are other things calling, stripes and the thinkness of paint, th evolvig of the Ten paintings, a series of works and paintings that are kind of at odds with this latest #43Leaves piece. I suspect I’d rather be painting stripes thasn hanging piece on walls right now..

The lastes leave lefr (please click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show)