The 45th painting, the ongoing matter…

Some of the recent Ten paintings

The ever ongoing matter of the Ten paintings, the series of daily concluded paintings has been evolving for 45 days alongside other larger pieces of work that still needs to be documented. These Ten paintings are about the paint, the imperfectionsm the need ot not over work each one, to reduce it all down..


A Ten painting brought to a conclusion on a daily basis, always on a 10cm square canvas. The series will go on throughout September and maybe beyond, the current paintings are all for sale ar a price of ten pounds each via the Cultivate shop (all about the Ten), from next week on the daily paintings will be held back and offered first at the same price of ten pounds via the forthcoming virtual edition of tbe Art Car Boot Fair that happens on September 20th. The 45th painting was yesterday, I guess that was almost a commitment to continue through to September and the Fair with the Ten paintings just then…

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