The final paintings of the month-long August 2020 #43leaves piece….

The latest #43Leaves piece, another piece of work in 43 parts, another 43 paintings on found recycled unwanted material picked up off the street. Material once again picked up, cleaned up, painted on and than, as always with these pieces (of which there have been a number now), left back out on the street for people to just take should they wish to, the latest month-long #43Leaves piece has just come to an end  The final paintings were left on the final day of the month. We didn’t get much further than our home ground of East London this time, these are the ongoing days of pandemic and lockdown (or at least some kind Boris-fuelled semi-state on confused lockdown).

And so the 43 paintings have all been left out in the sun and the fresh air, they all have the hastag on the back, we’ve heard about some of them already, we’ve seen postings about quite a few of them, indeed some of them were taken within an instant of them being left, most of them seem to hang around for a day or so before someone takes them, there are still some out there, I have spotted one or two on my journeys.. Did you pick one up? I suspect not many left London this time, back in the days before covid they would go off on adventures all over the globe.

A Leaf left hanging on a wall, the 30th of 43 that will make up the month-long #43Leaves piece

One of the side issues of leaving art on the streets of (mostly) East London, is the documenting of both the art of other people on the streets and a lot of destuction of community and creative spaces that gentrifaction has brought on, it feels a little sad to leave art where once the Foundry stood or the Nomadic garden community once gathered – it is sad to watch the destruction of real community in places like Hackney Wick  Not every new expensive unaffordable building is progress.

The people of Armold Circus and the beautiful bandstand were and are a delight, as were the people and Donkeys of Spitalfields Farm. We enjoyed August, a big big thanks to everyone who engaged with the piece, watched the social media feed, posted on their own social media about the peices they had found. I imagine I shall do it again soon, art doesn’t stop, the need to make art never stops, there’s always plenty of material to paint on, why do we waste so much? I hope you enjoyed the latest #43Leaves piece, thanks everyone.

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