X Marks The Spot – An Xmas Pop In over the next two weekends…

And so, can I remember how to hang a show? It has been ten months since we had to close and lockdown. After some careful check out of the space (that we know so well anyway) and making sure we can control everything in terms of numbers coming in and out, we decided to pop in. it is an open door on to a very wide street situation and we will be on the door letting no more than a couple of people in at one time. I just need to hang some art on a gallery wall and let people in to see it, I’ve been painting like mad all year.

Some of the latest Tens

X Marks The Spot – An Xmas Pop In – Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, London E2 7RZ- Right then, for two weekends, just as long as you’re masked-up, X Marks The Spot, a last minute xmas pop in… Open over two weekends, 11.30am until 4.30pm Saturday and Sumday December 12th/13th and 19th/20th December or 6pm until 8pm on Wednesday 16th December (Columbia Road Christmas Wednesday) or by appointment.

“X Marks The Spot, over two short sharp East London weekends, a return to the flowers of Columbia Road and the beautiful old greengrocers shop that is now Shipton Street Gallery. A masked-up socially distanced Xmas pop-in. A pop-in mind you, not a pop up, we don’t do pop ups. A revolving pop-in for just two weekends. An art event featuring a revolving cast of guest artists joining Sean in a gallery space alive with smaller (dare we say gift-sized?)-affordable art. Expect original paintings, prints and more, including the latest in Sean’s ongoing series of daily concluded Ten paintings that have been emerging for the last 150 days or more. A series of daily concluded paintings always of on a 10cm square canvas and always offered for sale at a price of just ten pounds. The prices will range between £5 and £200”

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