Those #43leaves left hanging as part of Deptford X…

There was another #43Leaves piece last weekend, or at least part of one, the piece is still to be completed, 26 leaves were hung at the Deptford X art festival last weekend, 36 felt like the right amount, the rest of the paintings, the other 17, will be hung out all over London during the coming week and over next weekend. I did just write a rather long piece and put photos of the paintings as well as lots of other things found in and around DePtford X. Th whole peice ca nbe read here – ORGAN THING: Leaving leaves at Deptford X, explore the festival, the art, the streets, Absent Friends at APT Gallery, Sky Circles at Indigo and Madder…

You can find many photos of my work as well as other people’s work alongside many words, thoughts and takes on the last weekend of what was mostly a positive 2021 Deptford X over on the Organ. I won’t repeat the words here, you can follow the link if you’re curious (I tend to keep my writing about art) events and other people’s work for the Organ, this website is a me me me and just me thing)

There’s a whole load of photos of jsut my pieces from Dpetford X here, the first part of this latest #43Leaves peice .

Do please click on an image to enlarge or to explore the slideshow.

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