Another leaf found, a whole load of photographs of people with thwir found pieces…

A recent #43Leaves piece found, thanks Matt

Another leaf found, one of the #43Leaves pieces left hanging in Deptford as part of this year’s Deptford X. Matt just sent in this photo with the piece he found. One of 43 paintings that make up the latest #43Leaves piece, 43 paintings on found unwanted #recycled material. Material picked up off the street, cleaned up, painted on and then left hanging back out on the streets for people to just take should they wish to. Big big thanks to Matt for taking the time to send the photo in, this is what it is all about, engagement.

One of the most important parts of the many artdrop pieces, the #43Leaves pieces, the #365ArtDrop pieces and such, is the people that find the pieces and then take the time tell me they have. There are many photos and tales, here are just a few quickly gathered together. The peices are msotly left in London, they’ve ended up all over the globe….

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