A #43ArtDrop piece, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings for Folkestone…


#43ArtDrop, September 2017, Folkestone, Kent. A piece of work in 43 part.s.

A #43ArtDrop piece, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 smaller paintings, this time all painted on small pieces of wood picked up off the street (and if people throw away wood then leaves and layers with grow on that unwanted discarded wood). 43 paintings left hanging in and around the streets of Folkestone, the old town, the Triennial, the Fringe and Bob and Roberta Smith’s “Folkestone is an Art School” pieces. 43 paintings left to to be taken should people with to do so. A #43ArtDrop in Folkestone, September 2017. 43 pieces with hashtags on the back, the #43ArtDrop and the social media interaction is an important part of these pieces…

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Back to the seaside, a #43ArtDrop piece for Folkestone…


A leaf left in East London, April 2017

Another of 2017’s #43ArtDrop pieces. This time, following on from all the fun of the seaside and the Art Car Boot Fair back on the opening Saturday of the 2017 Folkestone Triennial, we return to the Harbour, the old High Street, the Art School and the glorious seaside town with another #43ArtDrop piece.  43 small paintings from Sean Worrall left in and around Folkestone, 43 pieces of art carefully placed, never dropped, always carefully placed, paintings hung on walls, out on the street for people to take should they wish to. 43 Paintings, one piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings left hanging around the town on Friday September 22nd for hopefully 43 different people to take and to hopefully post selfie style photos of on their social media using the #43ArtDrop hashtag, the hashtag, the finders and the engagement are an important part of these pieces of work (hopefully it will be 43 people and not one person taking all 43 please). There’s a Facebook event page here should you feel the need to follow events there, or tune in to follow things via Instagram

See you at the seaside, that’s a previous #43ArtDrop piece from earlier this year up there, keep those eyes peeled now… 


43s, car parks, 199 daily paintings and…

The ongoing notions of daily paintings throughout the year, fresh leaf growth and things that revolve around the number 43 (that one down there happened in a car park in Liverpool a couple of years back).  There’s been 199 daily paintings now, this being the 199th day of the year, some of them have been seen hanging on gallery walls, some left on the street for people to take, some sold on-line (all 199 can be seen on this page) , some saved for a show later this year. It isn;t about starting and finishing a piece every day, it is about bringing one to a conclusion and every day on the year…


Car parks and 43s were not something deliberate, well not when it started, they might be now, that and #43ArtDrops like the one that happened at Hackney Wicked last year, the recent #43ArtDrop that happened recently on the Leytonstone Arts Trail and the 43 Miniature canvas pieces at the Art Car Boot Fair a couple of weeks back.  I imagine the number 43 might figure again at Hackney WickEd this year as well as September’s Folkestone leg of the 2017 Art Car Boot Fair….


Today’s daily painting:  199/365 – Fresh Leaf Growth, July 18th – Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017. On day 199, a 199th piece, acrylic, brushwork, spray paint, on found recycled cardboard 20cm x 15cm. And now on line and on-sale via the Cultivate web shop.


199/365 – Fresh Leaf Growth, July 18th Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017. On day 199, a 199th piece, acrylic, brushwork, spray paint, on found recycled cardboard 20cm x 15cm

The use of the hash tags are a big part of these Art Drop pieces…

Some of the recently hung #43ArtDrop pieces have been found, always good to see the photos, once I leave the pieces I have little idea in terms of what happens to them unless others post photos and such. The photos and the use of the hash tags are a big part of these Art Drop pieces. There’s a nice bit of coverage via the Shoreditch Street Art Tour website down underneath this first photo just “borrowed” from their website…


Found #43ArtDrop pieces, July 2017 (photo: Dave Stuart, Shoreditch Street Art Tours)

SHOREDITCH STREET ART TOUR (July 2017) – A piece on some of the recent #43ArtDrop pieces found, “Artist Sean Worrall is renown for his generous distribution of free art in various parts of London and indeed occasionally even further afield…It is a wonderfully beautiful gesture by Sean Worrall to place these free pieces art out on the street to await their fate and we are delighted to report that this cluster of four have all gone to very appreciative homes…”  Great to see the photos of people finding the pieces, I tend to leave and so I don’t get to see…


And here’s some of Dave Stuart’s photos, he of Shoreditch Street Art Tours, the photos are from the tour and the piece Dave wrote. The Photos of people and the use of the hashtag on the back is an important part of these Art Drop pieces, always excellent to see them posted on line

The latest #43ArtDrop piece, where did they go? Art is about engagement…


The latest #43ArtDrop piece burst out all over Leytonstone, London E11, as part of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trial, It happened over the weekend, or at least started, a piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings, 43 pieces painted on found material picked up off the street and recycled or upcycled or however you wish to describe the process of grabbing the things we waste, saving them from landfill and letting leaves grow on them before they are put back on the streets.

43 paintings hung on the streets, art left there for people to take should they wish to. 43 pieces hung, the first of them “dropped” in the sunshine of the opening day of the Leytonstone Arts Trail and then a trail left around the trail, a trail of art drops (never dropped, always carefully placed, a considered hang) around East London and beyond.


Twenty two of the pieces went out over the weekend, the rest will go out on the streets during the week ahead of next Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair.  Always a highlight of the London art year, I love taking part in the Art Car Boot Fair,  always an honour to be invited, always an exciting line up of artists, more about that later, today is catching up with the progress  of the latest #43ArtDrop and posting some of the photos. And of course a big part of the #43ArtDrop pieces is the interaction and the use of the hashtag and people posting photos on their social media feeds.  Did you find one? Art is about engagement.

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A 43 piece trail of art, another #43ArtDrop and the events of the coming weekend in Leytonstone…

This coming weekend, 43 of the daily paintings with be hung, not dropped, never dropped, care is always taken to hang the pieces properly in the right places. this coming weekend 43 paintings will be hung on the streets, walls and green areas of Leytonstone (London E11). The piece of work in 43 parts will he next #43ArtDrop and part of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail.  There an interview with me up on the Arts Trail website ahead of the event, the Arts Trail itself takes place between July 1st and July 9th, the #43ArtDrop itself will happen on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June.


The 43 paintings will be marked with #43ArtDrop hashtag, the hope is that people will take photos/selfies with the pieces they take and post them on their/our social media as part of the piece of work. Social media, interaction and people getting involved is very much a part of it all. The 43 paintings will be hung on the streets and walls of Leytonstone, hung outside the galleries that are hosting the trail,  maybe outside on the 50’s glory of the tube station, maybe out in the green areas, maybe outside a cafe or two, I expect some will be found and taken straight away, some might stay hidden in plain sight for months and month, some we’ll never know about.

The 43 pieces will all have been painted on materials picked up off the street, pieces of wood cleaned up and sanded down, unwanted canvas found outside galleries, – old canvas, found frames, this is about the way we throw things away with little thought or consideration and the way those things are then taken back, the leaves and fresh layers that grow on our waste. The latest #43ArtDrop can be followed via FacebookTwitterEllo, and on the day while it is happening via Instagram


I imagine some of the daily paintings seen on the shelves at the Cultivate Interact show last week will make up the body of 43 pieces to be “dropped” at the weekend (others from that shel, as well as new pieces being painted now, will be on sale at the Art Car Boot Fair the weekend afterwards) I do ask that you please don’t take more than two pieces each, feel free to swap pieces around if you take one and then see one you prefer further along the trail, but please please don’t be greedy and take them all, it did happen at one of the #43ArtDrop events last year and that really wasn’t in the spirit of these pieces of work that are hung to take for free


INTERACT, Cultivate at Coate Studio, June 2017

Fine out more about the 2017 Arts Trail and all the other shows and artists to be found as part in this year’s event here


The 4th #43ArtDrop will happen at the Leytonstone Arts Trail…

The 4th in the ongoing #43ArtDrop series of pieces will take place over the opening weekend of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail on Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July


#43 – A piece of work in 43 parts. 43 paintings hung out on the streets for people to take should they wish to so. 43 paintings painted on things found on the street – pieces of wood, discarded canvases – the things we no longer want. Unwanted things reused and put back as 43 pieces of art,

43 paintings hung out (never dropped, always carefully hung), 43 pieces hung out on walls of Leytonstone to be taken. Once again the paintings will be marked on the back with the #43ArtDrop hashtag so that the finders can interact and others can follow the progress of the piece via social media throughout the duration of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail. The hashtag and social media interaction has been an important part of these #43 pieces throughout 2016 and 2017 (as it was with 2015’s #365ArtDrops piece). Finders are encouraged to post photos of themselves with their found part of the piece on social media and to tell us where the 43 parts of the piece have ended up, the photos will be collected up and shared via Sean’ website as well as the Cultivate gallery website. .

The 43 pieces will be hung outside on the streets of Leytonstone the first piece will go out on around midday on Saturday July 1st and all 43 will be hung on walls outside galleries, pubs, in trees and who knows where during the opening weekend of the trail.

Sean Worrall is a London-based (and one time Leytonstone based) artist and curator. Sean’s current body of work explores the notion of new layers, the reclaiming of those things that are left to decay, the idea that our cities will eventually be covered and lost in new layers of growth. Lost in the short-term as we use the city walls as a (street) art canvas, then as nature paints her own leaf-shaped beauty over the top of it all and takes everything back Trillion Green, the Captain’s Table, fresh leaves and layers.…

Sean’s paintings explore the taking back of old walls, of unwanted materials, the growing over,, the freshness of new leaves, new marks, old surfaces, always growing, evolving. Newly weathered marks over old faded shapes, new layers, fresh leaves, sprayed paint, crumbling old stonework. New growth over old, new shoots, new paint over decayed colour, the marks of evolving art on tired city walls, new paint over old canvas. Layer over layer, the covering up, the taking back of unloved surfaces, refreshing. Spaces reclaimed both by human hand and nature’s growth, fresh growth, new layers.