Coming up, the next Art Car Boot Fair, Skylines for Art On A Postcard and a Deptford X interview…

A couple of things coming up, the next Art Car Boot Fair is happening on-line at the start of November, I have four small Skyline paintings in the next Art on a Postcard auction, bidding starts at thestart of november and the good people of Deptford X just ran an interview with me following on from my part in the festival earlier this year.

The Art Car Boot Fair Queen and Country edition – 6th – 8th November 2021 – The latest Art Car Boot Fair is happening in November, once again this will be an on-line event (we’re told there will be a return to live events in May 2022). On-line is good, on-line means (almost) everyone can explore it all. There are priority tickets if you want to get in first but there will be a chance for everyone ticket or no ticket, a ticket get you in for the first 24 hours, the event is free to al lon te 7th. . “With the world seemingly in disarray and society facing a myriad of challenges to the status quo, the ACBF Queen & Country theme will provoke and inspire all manner of artist responses to the state we are all in with a superabundance of talent working across all mediums. Icons, myths, crowns, multifarious queens, jewels, sceptres, cultural tropes and ironies, processions, pomp, absurdities and punkish subversions will abound.”  Along with the Queen and Country exploring there will be other things, other pieces, we artists are not obliged to completely follow the theme, I am not currently working on giant portrait of the Queen, I am also not busy ripping of Jamie Reid or those Sex Pistols although I might paint Elen of Wales… Ticket details and more. it is always a pleasure to be invited to take part in an Art Car Boot Fair event.

The Art on a Postcard Winter Auction. 4th – 23 november November

The Art on a Postcard (AOAP) Winter Auction is back for its seventh year celebrating a much bigger twenty years for The Hepatitis C Trust and capping a year of celebrations for this powerhouse of a charity.

The Hepatitis C Trust has punched above its weight throughout its twenty years of operating as a charity. They have navigated their way through there being no information on hepatitis C in the public realm to being at the forefront of the drive to eliminate the disease.  Art on a Postcard is an example of The Trust’s innovative take on charity work and has built up into a whole fundraising organisation attached to The Trust.

This Winter’s auction includes many of AoaP’s stalwart contributors such as Royal Academician Mick Rooney, whose work explores inner mythologies, neurosis, dreams and the secrets of modern society. Reverspective instigator Patrick Hughes and his trademark Rainbows and British painter Susie Hamilton who paints people as they go about their life shopping, in the park, on the beach and more recently in hospitals.
Joining these regulars are Hurvin Anderson whose work has been described as a perennial tug-of-war playing out between abstraction and figuration, German painter Petra Schott whose art is peppered with little secrets, riddles, and questions of the soul, Sheffield based artist Ryan Mosely whose narrative style of painting was including in The Whitechapel’s show ‘Painting in the New Millennium’, and New York painter Lizbeth Mitty whose body of work was described by New York Times critic Ken Johnson as a combination of “painterly verve and hellish beauty”.

250 artists have generated approximately 550 pieces this year. The auction is packed full of character with lots of quirky and colourful subjects and every one a mini masterpiece.
“This year’s auction is so full of exceptional little works; it feels like there is an unconventional theme which has come together on its own which is perfect for a celebration of The Hepatitis C Trusts 20 years. The Trust stands alone in its glorious, idiosyncratic unconventionality, we have never followed a formula or rules and many of us hadn’t worked in an office when we started but we’ve done so well to get where we are now” 
– Gemma Peppé founder and director of Art on a Postcard.

The on-line bidding takes place from 4th November until the 25th November 2021. There is a physical showing of the work, all we know right now is that a “private view” of the work happens on the 9th November, Soho Review Gallery, 1-4 walker st, London, W1F 0BT

I have painted four Skyline paintings especially for the auction….


Meanwhile an interview from late summer 2021 that just went up on the Deptford X website. Deptford X is of course a long standing annual art festival over in South London.

The whole interview can be read on the Deptford X site here or click on an image here to enlarge and run the slide show to see what was said.