The still ongoing matter of a daily concluded Ten painting, there has now been 500….

“Ten:502 (Location)” – 25th November 2021 – Acrylic on canvas
, 10cm x 10cm x 1cm

Same as last time, different paintings, it goes on. The still very much ongoing matter of a daily concluded painting. A series of pieces that started (with no real intention) back in early July of last year, a series that has now moved into late November 2021 and indeed beyond the 500th painting. The paintings are always on a 10cm square canvas, and it is certainly not a case of one painted everyday, more a case of one concluded every single day, there are always several pieces in progress at any one time here in the studio, one is brought to a conclusion each day. Some of the Ten paintings produced can be found via the Cultivate on-line shop. The entire series so far can be viewed here. And yes it is Ten, however much galleries may want me to increase the price and let them take a slice. The price and the size is ten, ten pounds, ten centimetres, more than ten minutes though. Do feel free to ask if you see one you’d like, some of them fly out as soon as I post about them, some I just haven’t got around to adding to the shop yet, Of the 504 painted todate just over 30 remain here in the studio, the rest have flown off to new homes

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