An Orange from Ridley Road, an East London Pear and there are always new paintings…

There are always new paintings, I do have to paint every day,and right now I am trying to start everyday with a drawing, just a quick one, before anything else, before I turn the radio and the news on (and there are still the daily concluded Ten paintings, there’s been over 600 of those now). These two paintings have been hanging about and evolving over the last few months. The orange canvas had to be stitched back together after a studio accident (we like to call them accidon’ts, too many irons in the fire and going off and things, squalor is alive!), the pear will need eating soon. Both paintings are available via the Cultivate on-line shop

“An Orange From Ridley Road” (March 2022) – Acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 40cm

An Orange From Ridley Road” (March 2022) – Acyrlic, stitching, screen printing, gloss varnish, on canvas. 40cm x40cm x1cm – A newly concluded painting, well a new layer and an orange and a fresh star on an older painting. The leaves grew on the canvas sometime ago, including some that were screen printed using an old silk screen that still had a line drawing that I made into a textile print many years ago. The canvas got damaged in the studio somewhere along the way so there had t obe some stiching and some repair, the orange landed in the middle of it recently an then a star appeared.

“An East London Pear” (March 2022) – Acrylic on canvas, 30cm x 30cm x 3cm