Fresh skyline paintings, electric ones…

“Electric Skyline No. 1- Battersea Power Station” (May 2022) – Acrylic on canvas, 18cm x 24cm (sold)

There have been new Slyline paintings. First there was a painting of Saint Chads. A new skyline painting, I.walk past this church on the edges of Hackney and Haggerston all the time, been meaning to paint it for ages, I finally got around to it in February…

“London Skyline – St Chads, Dunloe Street, London E2” (Feb 2022) – Acrylic, gloss varnish on canvas, 20cm x 20cm x 1cm – Sold

And then as the Electric edition of the Art Car Boot Fair was approaching it did seem like a good reason to visit or revisit on the case of Bankside, some London power stations

The ongoing matter of looking up is still very much just that, ongoing. Something that started in Margate in late Summer 2019 and goes on with several new paintings looking over the River Thames and most recently a painting looking beyond a church in Hackney. No idea where these Skyline paintings are going to go, or for how long the series of paintings will go on for, right now I’m enjoying the act of just looking up, of distilling the information, the sky, the space, the shape, the skylines, the sky beyond the rooftops or the spires or the light reflecting off the Shard. People have been asking me to paint particular buildings or places, it doesn’t really work like that, it only works if I want to paint it.

Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slideshow (the Skyline paintings that are still available are up on the Cultivate on-line shop)