This month’s print release is a piece called I’m Excited, I’m Delighted…

November’s print release, for it is just about still November, this month’s print release is a piece called “I’m Excited, I’m Delighted” a square, a star, Starz, a piece that hopefully rocks at least six times.

A limited edition 20cm x 20cm print version. Once again the print release is a limited signed/numbered edition of 25. a matt finish Giclée print on 290gms Hahnemühle Fine Art Bamboo paper.  The print is available firast via the Art Car Boot Fair that happens between December 1st and 4th and then, if we still have them, via the Cultivate on-line shop here

I’m Excited, I’m Delighted – Limited edition print 20cm x 20cm (November 2022).

And yes, I do know it is almost time for the December print release. I tihnk we’ll do that after the Art Car Boot Fair ahs happened, we’ll do it on December 5th.