More of April’s #43Leaves piece….

#43Leaves (16/43 April 2023) – Brick Lane, East London

The April #43Leaves piece, well parts 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. The art drops, or the #43Leaves piece have been going on all year, a piece left here, another there, lot’s more about it all here. April saw a more formal piece in 43 parts, 43 paintings, left hanging on the streets during the month of April. I do keep repeating that the recycled aspect is a very important  part of all this, the leaves, for they are leaves, whatever you might see, I paint leaves (if you wish to see something else that’s fine, there is no right or wrong). The paintings are always on found unwanted material picked up off the streets, out of builders skips, left on pavements, things that were heading for landfill, things considered of no use any more. Material found, cleaned up, painted on, and then left hanging back out there for people to just take should they wish to.