Is there still time? New paintings, new Tens, just a week more on it maybe?

Well I said the Tens were over and done with and a thousand paintings seemed like more than enough, but hey, just while the Art Car Boot Fair’s Spring Bounce is on, one a day until the weekend. I was missing them and I was thinking about why I paint and what I want to paint and how I didn’t really feel that comfortable just producing art (or “stuff”) for things like the Art Car Boot Fair, So one more Ten painting concluded each day until the fair closes at the weekend, they’re for sale if you want them, if you don’t then fine, I was kind of painting them for myself.

Is there still time? There’s still time to rescue it all, or remember what it was about, to maybe find it again, that’s if I ever did in the first place. A new painting, painted last weekend while I was thinking about painting and lost freedoms and the whys and the wherefores of it all in terms of making art. And yes, I know, offering them for sale via the Art Car Boot Fair is a kind of contradiction, but it is one of many, art is a contradiction, art is a pain in the arse at times. Sometine I really hate art, to having to make it.

Find the new paintings on sale via the Art Car Boot Fair’s online Spring Bounce until May 28th 2023

There’s Still Time – Acrylic, on canvas, 20cm x 20cm x 1cm (May 2023)