The year-long artdrop piece went on at Deptford X last week..


The Deptford X leg of the #365ArtDrop18 piece, Part 188/365, September 2018.

The on-going year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece continued over in Deptford, South London, last week as part of the 19th Deptford X art festival. The (always carefully carefully placed) drops we’re a part of the Fringe this year, the plan was for 43 paintings to be left as a response to the invitation to take part, the reality was only 22 were hung on the streets of Deptford – unfinished business then, we shall be back in the next few days. There’s simply just not enough days in the week or hours in the day right now, Deptford X on one side of the London, the Cultivate Columbia Road takeover happening at the same time on this side of town, it just wasn’t possible to be in two places at once last week. And so only 22 pieces of art, but hey, come on, 22 piee of art left for people to take, 22 paintings on found recycled material left hanging on walls around Deptford during the Deptford X festival.


The Deptford X leg of the #365ArtDrop18 piece, Part 185/365, September 2018

We don’t hang around after the pieces have been hung, just leave them, take some photos asa record and then quietly go, we could see as we retraced our steps that  some pieces had been taken straight away, indeed one piece almost as we were hanging it (great conversation about Deptford and art and people with this guy who came over and asked about what we were doing (as I keep saying, a big part of what this piece is about is engagement)/ Others pieces were still there when we left, there to be claimed later as we saw via postings from people who had found pieces and posted images on their social media feeds in the days after the drop –  there is the #365ArtDrop18 hashtag on the back of each piece, engagement and people posting photos is a big part of the piece, it is encouraged…


The Deptford X leg of the #365ArtDrop18 piece, Part 191/365, September 2018.

Here then are some images for my small part in this year’s rather imressively expansive Deptford X…

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If you ever catch me saying something like that, please please please take me out back and have me shot, what a depressing way to talk about your art…


Love that photos up there, more about it and the end here, but first, did a fellow artist really just tell me that art was “just a business”? Really? Did he really just say that? Really!? How depressing, do artists really think like that? Is “building a business” the only reason to put on an art show? “I’m building a business here” he said, really? Is art “just a business? If you ever catch me saying something like that, please please please take me out back and have me shot, what a depressing way to talk about your art and the shows you put on. I need to get that thought out of my mind. Of course you need to think about the reality of paying bills and eating and the rest but “just”? Really? It wasn’t Hamish by the way, I’m just getting to know Hamish, we were both invited to share the gallery walls by the people over at no format, no one mentioned business, they just extended the invite and offered the space, I didn’t know of Hamish Macaulay or his art until we were both invited to make use of the walls on no format gallery last week, looking forward to seeing what he’s been doing in there later today and them maybe reacting to it in some way. nice to actually some together with a gallery and another artist, makes for a refreshing change, Mr. “art Business” back there really didn’t get that notion, I guess now, thinking about it, his art kind of  reflects his attitude. I wonder when the ideas distilled through punk rock forty-odd years ago will ever filter down to the art world? Is it really just a business?


Last week “Eleven” was part of an installation under the trees in a wood as part of an outdoor show as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail, it spent two weeks being explored by foxes and blackbirds, this week the piece, painted on eleven pieces of a broken bed will be heading for a white-walled gallery called no format gallery over in Deptford, the show, Unframed? opens this coming Thursday evening July 26th

Fresh leaf growth, new layers, starz and that big silver wooden frame that someone dumped on the street in Hackney last week. And when a frame is thrown out then leaves will grow in that unwanted frame. This painting was concluded late last night, I expect it might be on show at no format gallery next week as part of the #Unframed? show ( I didn’t say my work would be unframed, we’re just thinking outside the frame). The painting is acrylic on wood in found frame, 90cm x 65cm.


Here it Comes Again – acrylic on wood in found frame, 90cm x 65cm. (July 2018)

The week of Unframed? is upon us, Hamish is working on some larger format prints in the space today ahead of Thursday evening’s opening, I shall be going over to see what he’s done and do some work of my own later . meanwhile I shall be hanging some of my recent paintings on the gallery wall and at the same time finding new things to work with and paint on during the week. Expect the year-;long #365ArtDrop18 piece to carry on south of the river during this coming week. Keep an eye on the walls around the area during the week. The idea is to find material that had been thrown out, clean it up, painting on it, and then hanging it back out there on the streets for people to take should they wish to. This particular piece was left hanging on a wall near no format gallery last week


A #365ArtDrop18 piece left hanging in Deptford…

The excellent photo at the top of the page just arrived from Belgium, a shot taken outside the Stella factory so it seems, a brilliant photo of one of the finders of a #365ArtDrop18 piece with the painting her and her partner found, love this photo. One of the important aspects of this year-long piece of work in 365 parts, 365 paintings on found recycled material, is the photos of the finders with their pieces and tales of where the paintings have got to. This one was painted on a found piece of wood picked up off the street here in Hackney, it was left hanging on a wall somewhere in Shoreditch, East London, earlier this year, and now it has turned up in Belgium, this kind of thing is exactly what I was hoping would happen to the paintings and the #365ArtDrop18 piece, keep sending those photos in or posting them on social media so we can find them and share them.  Art? Just a business? What a sad way to think about it…

Another piece left under another bridge…


#365ArtDrop18 – 365/16, a leaf left in East London

Another #365ArtDrop18 piece – 16/365 – A leaf painted, the 16th of 365 artdrop pieces that, all being well, will happen in 2018, a 16th piece painted on and in a recycled found frame, a small red frame that had a photo in it and the glass still intact when I found it and pulled out of a skip and hopefully rescued from landfill. The frame is now black, the glass cleaned up, a leaf has grown inside it and…. And last night it was left hanging on a wall under another bridge in East London, left there on the way home from a rather impressive Lennie Lee exhibition, left hanging next to a Thierry Noir piece for someone to take should they wish to. The hashtag is on the back, will it be taken? Will the hashtag be used? Will it find a home or will it end up in landfill anyway? The hashtag is important, we would like to know where these pieces go, I believe part five is now somewhere in Belgium? 


#365ArtDrop18 – 365/10, a leaf left in East London

Part ten, a pieces painted on a block of wood, was left under a different railway bride a few days back, part fourteen was left by a cash machine in East London on the same day. Part thirteen, fifteen and seventeen are still in my bag waiting for the right time and place, there’s a couple of dozen finished pieces waiting to be numbered here in the studio, waiting for the spring to kick in and weather to be more in line with the notion of hanging art out on the street without it being blown away.  I anticipate an outburst of drops as soon as Spring arrives (I can’t move in my studio).

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A leaf, #365ArtDrop18, a leaf left hanging in Hoxton, East London….


A leaf, #365ArtDrop18 – 365/2 – a leaf left hanging in Hoxton, East London

A leaf – #365ArtDrop18 2/365 – A leaf left hanging, the second of 365 artdrop pieces of 2018, one of the daily concluded paintings of 2017 painted on a piece of found recycled hardboard and now left out by a door in Hoxton, East London left there for someone to take should they wish to do so 



Leaves left and that New Year resolution not to art drop finally broken. The first art drop since…


Art Drop, March 12th, 2017

Leaves left and that New Year resolution not to art drop finally broken. The first art drop since December 31st happened yesterday, leaves left in the Spring light, I did say I would never do it again.  Two pieces were left hanging on a wall and a fence, both in Islington, hanging there waiting to be taken should someone wish to, two pieces painted on some found recycled wood and left hanging in North London, two of the 70 pieces brought to a conclusion so far in the first 70 days of 2017 as the notion of a painting brought to a conclusion on every single day of 2017.  And now the resolution has been broken I imagine there will be more carefully placed “drops” as the spring kicks in, there is a certain pleasure in painting on something picked up off the street or found in a skip and putting it back out there…


Yesterday’s #ArtDrop, left hanging on a wall in Hackney Wick….

#ArtDrop, June 2016

#ArtDrop, June 2016

Yesterday’s #ArtDrop piece was one of the 43 pieces painted on wood during the Debaser show at BSMT Space earlier this year. A Sometimes They Have Thorns piece painted on a found piece of wood and left hanging on a wall over in Hackney Wick yesterday afternoon. Left there for someone to take should they wish to, all about painting on something that has been thrown away, something no longer wanted and heading for landfill, something painted on in the hope that it will now be wanted again. I expect there will be a daily art drop this coming week in the run up to the Art Car Boot Fair…