A leaf left hanging, the first art drop of 2019, a leaf made of bird seed…

“A LEAF” – A leaf left hanging, an art drop, East London February 2019

Last Sunday a leaf was left hanging on a wall in East London, another painting on another piece of wood picked up off the street, a piece of recycled wood one again painted on and then once again left hanging back out on the street for someone to take should they wish to do so (this piece was left hanging on February 17th, I see from a posting on social media that the piece  has already been taken and has a home). Last year there was 365 art drops, this year, probably just one just one or two now and again when needs be or maybe an event and a mass drop in a particular place, I do like “dropping” or carefully placing a piece of art for someone to take. it is about engagement, it is about recycling, it is about make art something that everyone can afford or be part of, it really is about many things… This year’s hashtag will be #artdropsw

I do believe there’s been something like 1500 paintings left on the street for people to take now.I love that people find them and post photos of them and tell me their stories and react to it all. Sometimes a leaf might be made of birdseed, an interactive piece, this one was there for a couple of minutes before it was no more…

“A LEAF” – A leaf made of birdseed (February 2018)

Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show, I imagine there will be more art drops in the next few days, more art drops, more fruit. more art, more interaction….