A new #43Leaves piece to kick off the new year…

A new #43Leaves piece, a new piece of work for January 2022. a piece in 43 parts. 43 paintings, 43 leaves on found unwanted recycled material. Material found, cleaned up, painted on and then hung back out there for people to just take should they wish to. It started on New Year’s Day in East London, it will go on throughout the month. Who knows where January will take us, who knows what the Winter weather will allow (wind is not the friend of an art drop).

A leaf found

The piece started on New Year’s Day, the first of this January’s #43Leaves pieces was taken and a photo posted by the finder on social media a couple of hours after we left it. The hashtag is there on the back of each piece in the hope that people will post photos and join in with the piece. A big part of these #43Leaves pieces are the photos that other people post, pleased to see this one already.

The piece of work will go on until the end of January, do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show and the story so far…


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