Columbia Road, A Cross For A Red Queen, three poppies, more art drops…


The six week Cultivate Columbia Road takeover was, on the whole rather successful,  lots of engagement in the gallery, lots of interesting people, lots of good artists, four shows curated, lots of positive engagement, good conversation, sales (a piece of art sold is always a welcome thing, once a piece is finished it really is good to get it out of here, make space for the next ones). Columbia Road was good, the gallery, an old greengrocer’s shop that still had the old till and some of the fittings was good, the engagement with the locals was good, we thought it would all be about te flower market crowds on the Sundays but really it was about the locals who avoided Sundays,the real East End people, the Somalia family who lived around the corner and had never been in an art gallery before, the people who engaged with Emma Harvey’s Riot Grrrl paintings, the people who reacted to the stars in the window. Every space and place we take Cultivate to is different, different people, different feels, different crowds, really enjoyed the six week of the Columbia Road takeover, I like it when a show reaches beyond the art crowd, really must write in more depth about the takeover on the Cultivate website, thanks everyone.


A #365ArtDrop18 piece left hanging in Hackney and now in Germany…

meanwhile the #365ArtDrop18 piece goes on, a year-long on-going piece of work in 365 parts, 365 paintings on found recycled material picked up off the street. Material found, cleaned up, painted on and them left hanging back out on the street for people to take should they wish to. It isn’t about a piece a day, the piece is about 365 paintings left out on the streets over the whole year. I see a piece left hanging under a railway bridge in Hackney last week ended up in Germany.

Yesterday at the studio, work in progress, yesterday being Sunday September 11th 2018, a larger canvas still being worked on… it seemed to be a fitting thing to be doing this on this of all weeks, indulging in something I love doing and being able to do so…


Next stop, the first ever Christmas version the Art Car Boot Fair, it happens on December 9th down by new Port Street and the gallery district of Vauxhall, here in London, more details here

Meanwhile a bit of gardening and some leaf growth around a cross, a piece painted a couple of weeks back, a piece that for a reason I shall keep to myself is called “A Cross For A Red Queen”, a piece on canvas, 70cm x 50cm, acrylic, brickwork, spray paint, gloss varnish. a slight revisit to the crosses of the summer and that Kensal Green Cemetery show that happen quite some time ago now….


“A Cross For A Red Queen” – canvas, 70cm x 50cm, acrylic, brickwork, spray paint, gloss varnish


The Columbia Road takeover goes on, meanwhile pure has nothing to do with clean or the Brian Jonestown Massacre and who cares about artists disagreeing about the temperament of artists? More shows this Friday and through the weekend…



Paintings at Shipton Street Gallery 

Part three of the on-going six week Columbia Road takeover kicks in this weekend with Maybe I Didn’t See It First, But I’m The One Who Wants It Worse at Shipton Street Gallery here in East London, meanwhile on Friday evening there’s an opening up in Clapton, just beyond the other end of Hackney, at Angus Hughes Gallery, more detail on the other side of that piece of record company paperwork there…


“Who Cares?”,A piece quickly painted this morning, painted on an old bit of paperwork from the last century when I was silly enough to sign the Brian Jonestown Massacre back when I was stupidly running a record label and caring more about other people’s music than I did about my own art. Just delivered the piece to the Angus Hughes Gallery up in Clapton, East London where Paul Sakoilsky and Cederic Christie have show called Pure Has Nothing To Do With Clean where the two artists are disagreeing about the temperament of artists. The two of them have invited a number of artists to respond, the show opens tomorrow night… Who cares? Who cares about artists? Who cares if artists care? Why should anyone care? Who cares if two artists are arguing? Who cares what artists think?


‘PURE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CLEAN’, Cedric Christie & Paul Sakoilsky are creating an exhibition based around a conversation Paul had at a…. “For the exhibition at Angus-Hughes Gallery, Paul Sakoilsky & Cedric Christie are disagreeing about the temperament of artists in this present time. What does it mean to be permanent and what it means to be in flux. The pros and cons of these positions. Cedric says ‘You’re permanent when you’re dead, you don’t move a lot.’ And Paul would like to know where he is going to be tomorrow. Both of these positions hold a particular energy in which work is made – an inquiring as to whether one is at the end or the beginning. The exhibition is based around that statement”, A number of artists have been invited to respond… the show opens on Friday evening, Friday October 12th at Angus-Hughes Gallery, 26 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0PD The show is open Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm, or by appointment, there’s a Kunst Clown Performance happening on 19th October 6-8 pm. and an artist talk 4pm and Finissage 5-7pm Sunday 28th Oct. Anton once threaten to shoot me, he made the threat on stage at SxSW, so far he hasn’t carried out the threat. The last time I painted a heart, it was for the cover of the BJM single, I don’t think I’ve painted a heart in this century, although others insist that’s all I ever paint. More details of Pure Has Nothing To Do With Clean via the Facebook event page


James Bell on the plinth at Shipton Street 

Meanwhile the Cultivate Columbia Road takeover goes on this weekend at Shipton Street Gallery, with Part Three and a slight evolving of the work on the walls, a final chance to see those Emma Harvey Riot Grrrl paintings as well as a last look at some of the recent star paintings of mine before we complete change things over for Part four and the final two weeks of the residency down there by the flower market, part four opens on Thursday evening, Thursday October 18th. The Sundays have been brilliant down there, all kinds of interesting people dropping in as they head to the flower market, we’ve been letting it spontaneously flow, we love a space that attracts more than just the already aware art crowd, we’ve had some great conversations down on Shipton Street. Every gallery or space you work in brings different people and different tales, i must you about Mrs Thatcher’s old butler who came in last week..


I Saw It First, I Want It Worse, halfway through the Columbia Road takeover, different hats and…


Wearing several hats this week, most of them have paint on, I try not to get paint on anything other than the thing I’m actually painting. My curating hat is being worn quite a bit at the moment with the Cultivate Columbia Road takeover and a six week residency that we;re currently in the middle of, a residency at East London’s Shipton Street Gallery that runs until the end of October. There’s been two shows at the space so far, both documented on the Organ webpages and the busy Cultivate website – there’s plenty of words and images and thoughts on the other artists and their art over there on those pages, we’ve had some exciting art on the walls as well as impressive performance and installation, Emma Harvey‘s Riot Grrrl painting are looking good on the wall right now alongside Jessica Scott‘s pieces and James Bell’s slice of luxury. I rather like wearing my curator’s hat, there’s as much of a buzz to be had in showing other people’s art or discovering new exciting artists as their is in showing my own work. we must be getting close to curating something like two-hundred shows or events now, exhibitions and such that have featured the work of well over a thousand artists by now – it can sometimes be tense, stressful, frustrating, and Joshua Compston‘s thing about feeling like an aircraft carrier that people just land on, use for a bit until they’ve got what they want and then fly off without so much as a thank you does ring true – wouldn’t it be wonderful if artists actually worked together and supported each other just a little more, putting on art shows can be a thankless task. Putting on art shows can be brilliant as well though, especially when a show works and people are engaged, when people come in and react to the art or the artists tat we’ve invited to be part of it all. Hang on, stop, today isn’t the day to go into it all…


Hang on, stop, today isn’t the day to go into it all, the second Columbia Road takeover show is happening right now, a show called I Saw it First, I Want it Worse (yes that show title did come from a Seven Year Bitch lyric), the current show along with the first one and the art and the other artists involved is all documented on the Cultivate pages and the Organ pages. here’s a taste or two of my art and the fresh stargrowth and the leaves and the the new layers and the notions of the Cheap Art Manifesto and the daily paintings and the beautiful old till and such – the gallery was once a greengrocers shop called Sylvester’s, back in the 60’s, I’m having lots of interesting conversations with people who lived in the area back then who can remember it, that might be something to revisit in the space later in the year… For now then, a taste of what I’ve been doing with my art in the space so far, there’s more to come before it all ends on October 29th, I do love painting, I much prefer my painting hat… Oh and by the way, just updated the on-line shop again, do please have a look, I’m going to need to buy a new hat before the cold weather kicks in…

The first show of the Cultivate six week Columbia Road takeover, the King’s Cross paintings, the Silent Stars series…


The busy week goes on, the first show of the Cultivate six week Columbia Road takeover kicks off at Shipton Street Gallery here in East London this Thursday evening. Every week is a busy week of course, but this one is particularly busy, still coming down from the fun of the fair and we’re off again with the first show of the residency on Shipton Street, a show called Intention, an intimate group show we’ve pulled together. The intention is to kick off the six week take over with a short sharp group show, a mixed media show featuring the paintings of Emma Harvey, the intrigue of James Bell, performance and artwork from Marnie Scarlet, sculpture and assemblage from Mia-Jane Harris, a leaf or two from me, the very painterly photography of artist Sofia Martins and attitude of mixed-media artist Suzie Pindar. Expect cross-pollination, expect busy walls in an intimate space, expect an artist-led art show delivered with the usual Cultivate attitude. We open on Thursday evening, everyone is invited


INTENTION: Cultivate at Columbia Road – the opening group show at the first show of the six week Cultivate residency at Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, East London (just off the Hackney Road and right by the flower market and such) . Opening night Thursday September 20th (6pm until 9pm) , then Friday September 21st until Sunday 23rd (11am until 6pm). Entry is free, everyone is welcome, no need to get on lists or any of that nonsense, do bring your own drink, we spent all our money on paint. This will be the first of four shows at the gallery from Cultivate over the six week period

And then on Friday, Deptford X starts, I shall be there with 43 more parts of the ongoing year-long #365ArtDrop18 piece left hanging on the streets of Deptford and South London as part of the Fringe at Deptford X over the ten days of the annual art festival


Meanwhile the Cultivate on-line shop has been updated again, some of the more recent smaller more affordable paintings and pieces, no bread this time, but as the the Cheap Art Manifesto says, you can’t eat it but art will feed you….

here’s some of the recent smaller paintings and pieces from the last few weeks










More leaves, more drops, Columbia Road, yellow ones, red ones, eats shoots and…

Today was mostly about more leaves on the ground, more dropping of drops, more leaves dropped, leaves hung, a little bit of connection (hopefully), and some painting on things picked up out of East London skips and the waste wood left by workmen gentrifying hardware shops and turning them in to more expensive coffee drinking zones that look down their noses at you as they take over everything ever and cup cake the hell out of us.



The year-long piece of work in 365 parts that is the #365ArtDrops piece went on with eight more pieces left around various parts of East London. Part 276 was painted on a recycled jewellery shop bag and hung on a hook between a couple of shops on Columbia Road, part 277 was painted on a recycled piece of wood and hung on the wall of a pub on a street just off Columbia Road, part 278 was painted on a small recycled piece of wood and placed on a wall in the Autumn sunshine and red leaves of Haggerston Park, Hackney. 

#365ArtDrops Part 278

#365ArtDrops Part 278

Part 279 was painted on a recycled block of wood picked up from the builders waste outside of yet another fancy coffee shop being made ready to open, and placed on a window ledge on Columbia Road. Part 280 was painted on another recycled block of wood picked up from the same builders waste outside of yet another fancy (and no doubt far too expensive) coffee shop being made ready to open, and placed on a window ledge of a soon to be closed much loved local cafe at the junction of Columbia Road and the Hackney Road, East London, where the rent just went up from £11,000 to £27,000 and the people who put their hearts in to it are being forced out.

#365ArtDrops Part 277

#365ArtDrops Part 277

Part 281, painted on a third recycled block of wood picked up from the builders waste outside of that soon to be fancy (and no doubt far too expensive) coffee shop being made ready to open, and placed next to another “exciting new development opportunity” in East London next to a Dscreet owl and…  Part 282, painted on a fourth recycled block of wood picked up from the builders waste and placed outside Cosmos Records, Hackney Road, East London.  Part 283, painted on a fifth recycled block of wood picked up from that builders waste outside that soon to be coffee shop and placed on the canal bridge in the Autumn sunshine, by Broadway, East London…


Went in to wish Farid well today. Art needs to be about community….

#365ArtDrops Part 280

#365ArtDrops Part 280

Went in to wish Farid well today, he’s being forced out, don’t really know him, spoken a couple of times, really wanted to leave one of the art drops there today and make just a small point, art needs to be about community and Maison Dellys is part of the community. Finding a decently priced bite of food and an honest cup of coffee that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is tough around here, finding a cup of coffee that doesn’t look down its nose at you really is tough these days, and I know what he means when he says he’ll miss the locals coming in, the friendships made, I feel the same about the regulars who came in to Cultivate, the bus drivers, the kids, the mechanics from the taxi garage, the cockney foot-model who always had a tale to tell about life around here in the 50’s and 60’s. So Maison Dellys, until next week, is  “a small cafe in an old terrace beside the triangle of trees where Columbia Rd meets the Hackney Rd. In this quiet spot, you may rely upon a peaceful cup of tea and a snack at an affordable price – a commodity that grows increasingly scarce in this part of the East End. Farid Djebrouni opened his cafe eleven years ago and has worked hard to build up a significant clientele and reputation, but next week on Friday 30th October Maison Dellys will be closing forever in the face of a rent increase from £11,000 to £27,000 a year”. More via Spitalfields Life

‪#‎365ArtDrops‬ Part 280, was painted on a recycled block of wood picked up from the builders waste outside of yet another fancy (and no doubt far too expensive) coffee shop being made ready to open, painted on and placed on a window ledge of a soon to be closed much loved local cafe at the junction of Columbia Road and the Hackney Road, East London.

The #365ArtDrops piece goes on, yesterday on the streets of East London…

The #365ArtDrops piece goes on, yesterday on the streets of East London…

#365ArtDrops Part 182 found

#365ArtDrops Part 182 found

The painting hung under bridge last week (see previous entry) turned up in a garden somewhere in England, meanwhile part 182 of the #365ArtDrops piece was painted on a small piece of wood, an off-cut picked up from the rubble of an East London building site.   The piece of wood was painted on again and again for a couple of weeks, painted on, and then left hanging yesterday afternoon on the wall of a building on Ezra Street, London E2.  It wasn’t there long, the photos of the finder appeared on social media about an hour later. People interacting is such an important part of this on-going year-long piece of work…