The Fruit Shop show opens on Thursday, do we need bananas? Bring your own bananas…

“The Hackney Pomegranate (no.7), March 2019. Acrylic on recycled cardboard, 32cm x 32cm. An ongoing series of quick fruit flavoured still life studies,

The week of The Fruit Shop is upon us, the exhibition opens on Thursday evening, Thursday April 4th, (6pm until 9pm), everyone is welcome, no need to get on a list or any of that nonsense, just turn up and say hello. The address for the Fruit Shop exhibition is Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 7RZ, Just off the Hackney Road by Columbia Road, home of the Flower Market on the borders of Hackney and Bethnal Green

people have been asking again, so, some of you have been asking, yes the Fruit paintings will all be on sale at the Fruit Shop show next week, they can all be viewed on the opening night on Thursday April 4th, once again I will be sticking to the beauty of the Cheap Art Manifesto, original paintings will be on sale at prices that will range from £5 to £100. I haven’t put any of the fruit on sale via the Cultivate on-line shop yet but if you are interested in any of the recent pieces then please do contact me via a PM here or via my website or via info @ Cultivategallery dot com. I am aware that there are people who don’t actually live in London and that not everyone can make it to these shows, work can be purchased ahead of the show. Everything will be mailed out the day after the Fruit Shop show ends. if you see anything on the website please do feel free to ask, get that fruit while it still tastes fresh. The pieces painted on cardboard will be framed ahead of the show….

“The East London Mango” (March 2018 – the ongoing matter of fruit, quick studies, still life/ Acrylic on found board, 30cm x 48cm


I imagine there will be other things besides the fruit pieces in the show and I imagine new pieces of fruit will find their way in to the show over the next two weeks, d owe need bananas? Bring your own bananas…

Found it at The Welfare Store (2018) Detail – Acrylic, spray paint, brushwork, gloss varnish on found canvas (125cm x 90cm). This piece has been evolving since the start of the year, a piece called “Found it at The Welfare Store” (2018)Acrylic, spray paint, gloss varnish on found canvas (125cm x 90cm). The canvas was found in a skip in Hackney last year