The Hackney Road Apple, the Columbia Road Fruit Shop is coming , Attract Part Two is open…

“The Hackney Road Apple” (Feb 2018) – Acrylic on wooden board (20 x 33cm). The ongoing paintings of fruit, quick studies

“The Hackney Road Apple” (Feb 2018) – Acrylic on wooden board (20 x 33cm). The ongoing paintings of fruit, quick studies, came from a shop on the Hackney Road, it should, if everything goes to plan, be on the wall at The Fruit Shop in April


The Fruit shop will be a solo show, it will take place in a gallery that was once a local East London greengrocers shop by Columbia Road Flower market. I love the fact that the the old till and some of the fittings are still there, I love that we get to wind down the shop awning when we open and then get to wind it up again when we close in the evening. The show will open on the evening of April 4th, more details closer to the time. Right now I’m still recovering from the cut’n paste madness of chasing all the information to make the latest Cultivate on-line show happen.. The show has been live for just over fifteen hours now and has been viewed by just over 6000 people


Cultivate is a London based thing and what we do mostly involves London art spaces and London artists but we do like to reach out beyond the capital with our on-line shows now and again. Once the shows go live they stay up on-line to be viewed from anywhere around the globe. So far there has been five Cultivate on-line shows, this latest one is the sixth, each one has enjoyed big viewing numbers on the opening night and during the days and weeks that followed and each one continues to be viewed on a daily basis by visitors from all over the world. The on-line shows are of course no real substitute for a physical gallery show where the texture of a painting can live and breath or a piece of sculpture can be walked around again and again, but an on-line show can be a very positive thing, an on-line can help fuel the need to know more about an artist, the links are the important things and we rather like the idea that someone in California can view the work of an artist based in say North Wales or New Zealand or Argentina via the websites of a gallery and a magazine that ate both based here in London – no substitute for physical shows but on-like shows, when they’re done well, can be very positive things, these are the times we live in, let’s embrace them, on-line shows are positive things, come have a look

Found it at The Welfare Store (2018) – Acrylic, spray paint, brushwork, gloss varnish on found canvas (125cm x 90cm)