Fool’s Gold?  Found a badly made gold and glittery disco ball on top of a bin in a Hackney street today on my way to the gallery (on my way to the gallery to supervise rhe removal of Dave’s body from the plinth at the end of the It Is Green show, and also to put up a Fool’s Gold posterin our filthy dirty window – we can’t get it clean, years of East London industrial dirt ingrained in it).   Dave was placed on the gallery plinth by one Johnny Doe a couple of weeks ago at the start of the It Is Green show, Dave has been enjoying a lot of attention, today was the day Dave was removed.

So on the way to the gallery to meet Johnny and remove the body of Dave, I found a gold disco ball just lying there on top of a bin in a pile of rubbish, obviously unwanted and throw away, just waiting for me.  And then down by the gallery itself, a long length of a abandoned black ribbon demanding my attention – Long lengths of black ribbon are always useful things to find..  So, I opened up the gallery (we don’t usually open on Tuesdays) and set to work (outside the front door on the street) on the fool’s gold disco ball with a can or two of Montana – well not really ‘set-to-work’, more a quick attack while waiting for Mr. Doe to come running down the street, that and talking to a couple of other groups of people who had come in to Cultivate – a gallery owner from Manchester with rather liked Gareth Morgan‘s work as well as Belle Robinson‘s big Shoreditch Park paintings (well they are rather refreshing with their feel of summer days to come).  So the golden disco ball is now painted a little, leafheart added, the long black ribbon attached, and the plinth, once the body of Dave had been removed, put to use.   Found objects put together within an hour of finding them, and placed on our found plinth in the middle of the gallery.

Fool's Gold (found objects.spray paint tag - Sean Worrall, 2012)

“Fool’s Gold” (Sean Worrall, found objects, spray paint, 2012) will stay on the plinth until we install the Rigid show for this week’s opening (Rigid, a one week group show of paintings, sculpture and more at Cultivate Vyner Street featuring the work of seven London-based artists – Robin Seir, Mette Boel, Ser Lagania, Ferdinand Saumarez Smith, Fredrik Dan Sundberg, Svetlana Stein and Simon Grind).  The Fool’s Gold ball will probably hang from the Mark Rose hook during the Gold show that opens at the end of March (the hook is so nicknamed because Mark put it there a few weeks ago to hang his sculpture). The plinth was originally found on top of a pile of rubbish at the foot of Vyner Street, we needed something to put Steven Rawling‘s sculpture pieces on back on the original gallery open day… we went out hoping to find a crate or a box or something and found a perfectly sized gallery plinth just lying there unwanted on the top of a pile of wood and broken shelving.  Found plinths, found tables, chairs, found kettle (in full working order), found book stand, we’re running this gallery on a shoestring… now if only we could find a laptop! A gallery laptop would help so much with the running of things… . Haven’t found a laptop yet, did find a couple of canvas prints outside the front door a couple of days ago with a note attached that read something like “please paint on these Sean”, today’s find was an unloved gold disco ball and a mysterious long black (slightly grubby) ribbon. A fine find day…

FOOL'S GOLD (found objects/spray paint, Sean Worrall - 2012)