While fresh leaves grew on old vinyl…

Jan 25th 2014, today at Cultivate was mostly about avoiding the thunder and lightening while fresh leaves grew on old vinyl…

New layers on the Autobaun (Jan 2014)
New layers on the Autobahn (Jan 2014)

The sign is outside, we’re open today…. leaves are starting to grow, bring on the shoots of spring and let the art flow….


16th Jan 2014 – Busy day today down at the art chute that is Cultivate Evolved, good to see people exploring the street. Put this old piece back on the wall, a found cheesy print on a canvas, a mass produced thing pretending to be a painting in an audacious frame that got left around here long enough for leaves and things to grow on it…. all about new layers on old unwanted things people throw out…

Canvas in frame, 32cm x 40cm (including frame) On sale at Cultivate, Vyner Street right now, £30