March 2014 - Blank canvas - after
March 2014 – Blank canvas – after

A week of confrontations, of confrontations with developers, urbanists, tired old art-school lecturers talking tedium in the street outside Cultivate. Galleries getting closed down by self-congratulating urbanists, galleries getting pulled down by developers and the onslaught of gentrification (we got the paper work this week, we have until March 24th to object, of course if we do, then the landlord kicks us out anyway, you’ll have to object, we have no opinion) and worst still, galleries locked closed ’cause the art establishment, or the middle-class salesmen and woman who appear to have hijacked it, are too busy selling art like used cars or tacky fashion accessories via the internet or at cattle market art-fairs to bother unlocking their doors and actually exhibiting art to people who want to explore it…  I said something about it over on the Cultivate blog, don’t want to clutter things up here as well – Do we actually need galleries? What are we doing this month? Walking it or just talking it? Does it matter? – Well didn’t say anything about tired old art school lecturer woman and her clueless walking tour of the East End, good help art schools if she’s the standard…  Enough of this, for this website is about the doing and the making rather than the business of painting…..

chanelfour_chinese5.Haven’t exclaimed since December 31st last year, but they do keep on turning up, this week on a TV documentary on Channel 4…

This week, a leg found thrown out of a shop was brought in by someone who thought I’d probably like to paint on it, a piece of packing case was found on an East London street, an an old poster from a band that mattered, was painted on, as were some pieces of cardboard that once made up a box that contained stylish bottles of some kind of beer

here’s a selection of thumbnail photos from the first sixteen days of March, click on an image to enlarge it….