What Price Art? The weekly one pence piece of work…

Time to bring back the weekly one pence piece of art as part of the ongoing question, What Price Art? A question that’s been asked many times over the last three years both at Cultivate and on-line with a series of shows where the buyers set the prices of art and such.

Don't Know Who He Was?  -Acrylic, marker pen on found deep edge canvas 30cm x 30cm (Feb 2014)
Don’t Know Who He Was? -Acrylic, marker pen on found deep edge canvas 30cm x 30cm (Feb 2014)

For the foreseeable future, a piece of art a week will be put up on line on Ebay with an opening price of 1p on it, plus postage of course, although if you want to bid and avoid the postage cost there is always the option of picking up the piece up from Cultivate should you “win”.   The piece will also be on view at the gallery for the duration of the auction.

Now you’re probably thinking it will just be the cardboard pieces – well no, some weeks it might be a piece painted on a slice of recycled cardboard. Wanted to start this week with a piece I feel particularly strongly about. A piece called Don’t Know Who He Was? (Acrylic, marker pen, varnish on found deep edge canvas 30cm x 30cm)

Part of an ongoing series of paintings on top of marks made by others. The face at the back is the work of an unknown artist, the green “leafheart” shapes and the fresh layers over the top and around the edge of the deep edge canvas are my work

“Found this canvas in a skip, start of a painting on it, painting of  a man’s face, a head, a clown maybe… Left the canvas around the studio for a bit and and now it has fresh growth all over it… I don’t know who’s painting it was, I got the feeling an old painter had died and his home was being cleared (kept some other pieces as they were, none of them were signed…. it was a he, judging by the other possessions in the skip at the end of his life”

The ebay listing can be viewed here The auction goes on until April 22nd