The second in the on-going 1p What Price Art question series and…

Growth on a Sea Nymphs poster
Growth on a Sea Nymphs poster

Throwing paint, spilling paint, recycling paint, painting on found canvas and things, or things that serve as a “canvas”, that and the ongoing What Price Art question.

Well rather than a weekly 1p piece of art on ebay, it shall be an ongoing series, schedules are not the thing, rather then once a week. more a, ongoing series of 1p piece will go up throughout the year. The second one is already up…  “SEA NYMPHS” – Acrylic, spray paint and  a piece painted on an glossy printed band promo poster  40cm x 55cm (Feb 2014)

“Part of an ongoing series of paintings on top of marks made by others. An old glossy promo poster from the 1990s, a promo poster for excellent Cardiacs off-shoot band Sea Nymphs.  Painted on. This is a one off signed piece of art”  Sea nymphs are a band we worked with quite a bit a few years ago, released a single, put on a few gigs, organised John Peel sessions and such, that was then though, this is now, and old posters are for painting on.

The Sea Nymphs piece is currently being auctioned via E.bay, opening price 1p (plus postage)

Don't Know Who He Was?  -Acrylic, marker pen on found deep edge canvas 30cm x 30cm (Feb 2014)
Don’t Know Who He Was? -Acrylic, marker pen on found deep edge canvas 30cm x 30cm (Feb 2014)

Other pieces currently being auctioned on ebay, including the fund-raising piece

What Price Art? The weekly one pence piece of work

TRACIE ANGIOLINI, one of our regular visitors at Cultivate, is fundraising for St Joseph’s Hospice. I have a massive respect  for St Joseph’s, the place is a vital part of the Hackney community, the real community and the real Hackney that is… MILD MILD WHERE? What’s Tracie doing? Where’s mild anyway? Today’s blank canvas and a touch of fundraising….

The  question will go one throughout 2014, some of it will be on canvas, some on old posters, some on cardboard….. Here’s some Sea Nymphs from that John Peel session



Time for another One Hundred Pieced piece, THE 100 PIECED VINYL PIECE – A piece of work that  will, this time, consist of 100 pieces of unwanted/recycled 12″ vinyl. A piece that will be on sale (in 100 parts) at the 2014 Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair (East London) on June 8th (in 50 days time). Work has started on the on the one hundred pieces, all will be painted at the same time (as the hundred pieced cardboard pieces were last year)