June so far, car boots, records, layers, vinyl, skateboards….

zz_today4June so far, car boots, records, layers, vinyl, skateboards….

Where was i? Well last week it was in a car par in Brick Lane, or was that the week before now? Never time to blog, writing about art or making art? Not that much of difficult choice really, who wants to throw words around when  there’s paint demanding to be thrown?  Actually the running of the time-eating beast called Cultivate is what swallows it all up (it really can’t go on, getting close to being three years now, it was only going to be six months) , no time for words or paint.  Really is non-stop at the moment, this year’s Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair has been and gone, fourth year in a row at the Art Car boot Fair, one of the best events of the year, always love being involved in it, makes me smile,  both the main Brick Lane version and the off-shoot events (Olympic park last year, painting in the pouring rain in Victoria Park the year before). There’s two more Art Car Boot Fair events coming up at the Liverpool Biennial in July and the Folkstone Trieennial in August Eleventh year of the annual Brick Lane event and whole load of artists and smaller galleries invited to take part. One of the beautiful things is that the event is actually a curated considered fair – most London art fair are about money, about who can afford to pay the (usually very) unreasonable fees required in exchange for space, the Art Car Boot Fair doesn’t work like, Karen Ashton and her hard working team (yes I am kissing ass here, they deserve it), don’t ask any of us for money, really is a pleasure to be involved again, big thanks to Karen and everyone.

Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair 2014
Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair 2014

Up at the crack of dawn then – art, table, gazebo, and everything loaded up and off for the manic set up, Taking Cultivate to the fair for a third year, there’s a bag load of photos from the day over on the Organ pages. Pleased to say we went home with far less art than I turned up with (sold ninety-nine pieces actually, where was that hundredth person?), burning sun kind of did for the One Hundred Pieced Vinyl Piece though, started to melt and warp before the gates were opened, no other option than to pack it all away, no real escape from the rays of the art-destroying sun, the vinyl was put back in the box and (mostly) saved for another time and another day, damn, forgot the rays of the sun…  It was maybe a little too manic this year, kind of squashed in just a little too much, we love the Art Car Boot Fair though, so what if we were a little squashed (damn Pure Evil and his queue), loved he day again (besides that idiot in the hat).

saturday_today3I hadn’t exclaimed since just before midnight on December 31st last year, it lasted until the start of June, but it really is a satisfying thing to do and I could resist no longer,  the temptation to add a layer or two to some canvases was too much. It isn’t really about the exclamation mark or the leafheart tag though, all about the fresh layers and the growth, the textures, the shapes and colours growing over what was there last week, ever evolving, organically growing….   .

Enough of these words, on with layers and growth and here’s a photographic record of the first twenty-four days on June 2014….. click on an image to enlarge…   there’s been a lot of fresh layers painted on canvas, growth painted on record sleeves (perfectly good records inside), skateboard decks dropped in, cardboard recycled…..