BIG MIX 6 opened last night….

big_deal4BIG MIX 6 opened last night, there’s a whole load of (my) words and images over on the Organ pages – ” marvelous mix up of styles, of thought, of ways of seeing and doing and another blossoming of creativity (and I make not one inch of apology for writing this when I am part of the show – I’m excited by it, energised by it, pleased to be part of it, really is great to be a painter surviving and working in London right now in amongst all these mix ups and gathering in car parks and such). London is alive with art, you just got ot go out and find it, it mostly happens at places and events like this, this is where art is really alive, this is exciting, last night excited me”.   See the pieces I have in the show, without the pink light of the opening night, here.


The Big Deal is at the Loud & Western Building, 59-65 Broughton Road, Fulham, London SW6 2LE.  The show opened in style last night, Thursday evening July 10th and runs from the 11th to 25th July  (open daily from 12pm until 6pm)

Today’s found pieces of gloriously stained of wood….