THIS WEEK is about restocking a better Woolworths…..

What where when how? Words? This week we opened the two week LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS show at Cultivate (that was a frantic hang), we’re busy getting ready for A BETTER WOOLWORTHS at A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH tomorrow (Saturday 19th) and over in Rivington Street, Hoxton, East London, an event that promises to be on of the art events of the year, there needs to be lot more written about it here, art needs to be made though, Woolwooths needs to be stocked up, a better one. This week there has also been paintings on found pieces of and packing cases an such going on ready for 100 found pieces ready to go on the streets of the Wick for Hackney Wicked festival weekend in two weeks. Today is all about stocking up a Better Woolworths and the idea of community for everyone and….  busy busy….

Some Organ words on Fate Worse from back in March