The fifth One Hundred Pieced Piece will be released during this year’s HACKNEY WickED festival weekend

One Hundred Pieced Piece #1, Art Car Boot Fair 2013 The first One Hundred Pieced Piece happened last year ahead of the 2013 Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair, the first One Hundred Pieced Piece consisted of one hundred pieces of found and recycled cardboard, all one hundred pieces painted at the same time, each piece of what was considered one piece of work made up of one hundred pieces sold for £1 per piece. One hundred people sharing one piece of work that was sold for £100. The piece sold very quickly in the sunshine of last year’s Art Car Boot Fair.  The pleasure of An art piece of relatively value (although you ebay flippers seemed to make a penny or two out of it last year).  The second and third One Hundred Pieced Pieces were also (recycled) cardboard based, the second one a pink One Hundred Pieced Piece made for the Pink group show at Cultivate last Autumn and the third and what was declared to be a final One Hundred Pieced Piece was the third One Hundred Pieced cardboard Piece that happened for a Durst Thursday at Cultivate back in December 2013.

One Hundred Pieces Piece #2, "Pink" at Cultivate
One Hundred Pieced Piece #2, “Pink” at Cultivate

And that seemed like a healthy place to leave the notions of a piece of work shared between a hundred different people. The three works achieved most of what I wanted, simple uncomplicated art making use of unwanted discarded material reclaimed from the street, art that anyone  can enjoy a slice of, it explains itself doesn’t it? Until a pile of vinyl was found, most of it beyond playing, all scratched and piled up by a bin at the back of the charity shop. All one hundred pieces of vinyl painted at the same time

Founded wood painted on - One Pieced Piece #5
Founded wood painted on – One Hundred Pieced Piece #5

The fifth One Hundred Pieced Piece will be released during this year’s HACKNEY WickED festival weekend at the start of August. The piece will consist of one hundred found objects, objects found discarded and unwanted on the Hackney/Wick streets, canal banks and such.  items found over the summer – packing cases, pieces of textured weathered wood, doors, old signs, other people’s art – paintings thrown in skips, things brought in to Cultivate, canvases left in the Vyner Street bins by other galleries, paint cans, radiators, cardboard.  The pieces will all be painted on, added to, labelled as free art, numbered, and left around Hackney Wick during the festival for people to take away.  (and, yes, anything left at the end will be collected up and evolved in to something else, this is about recycling unwanted resources )  The process will once again be documented as it evolves via the various social media platforms we all know and love – Twitter, Facebook and such, the piece and the pieces is/are being worked on now at Cultivate, some of it is on the wall (some of it is on exhibition right now in Fulham at the Big Mix 6 show at the Loud And Western building.    The hundred pieces will be left around the week ahead of an during the festival that happens over the weekend of August 1st to the 3rd, some will slip in to your pocket or bag, some under your arm, some on the back of your truck or your canal barge or with the help of a friend….

The One Pieced Vinyl Piece (2014)
The One Hundred Pieced Vinyl Piece (2014)
The Second One Hundred Pieced Piece
The Second One Hundred Pieced Piece