Work in progress on the FIFTH ONE HUNDRED PIECED PIECE…

Work in progress on the FIFTH ONE HUNDRED PIECED PIECE and paintings on one hundred things found in and around Hackney, all to be left out around the streets of the Hackney WickEd art festival next weekend,

The fifth One Hundred Pieced Piece will be released during this year’s HACKNEY WickED festival weekend at the start of August. The piece will consist of one hundred found objects, objects found discarded and unwanted on the Hackney/Wick streets, canal banks and such.  items found over the summer – packing cases, pieces of textured weathered wood, doors, old signs, other people’s art – paintings thrown in skips, things brought in to Cultivate, canvases left in the Vyner Street bins by other galleries, paint cans, radiators, cardboard.  The pieces will all be painted on, added to, labelled as free art, numbered, and left around Hackney Wick during the festival for people to take away.  (and, yes, anything left at the end will be collected up and evolved in to something else, this is about recycling unwanted resources )  The process will once again be documented as it evolves via the various social media platforms we all know and love – Twitter, Facebook

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