WHAT PRICE ART? Day one, some words and show photos…..

aaa_culte_whatprice2014WHAT PRICE ART? The show opened yesterday, a room full of art down at Cultivate, sunny Vyner Street, the blog from a couple of days ago hopefully explains how it all works.  A room full of art, mostly mine, a few pieces from guests (and people who have abandoned art at Cultivate over the last three years), guests like JULIA MADDISON, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT and a room full of art…I’ll blog about the reactions,m the prices and stress it seems to cause for some people who just can’t name their prices at the end of the show, here’s a bit from the latest Cultivate mail out…

“this is a show where YOU get to name the price you wish to pay for the work and we say yes to whatever you say. No debate, no saying no, the only rule is no more than one piece (well you can make an offer on other pieces, but only the first comes with no debate – no clearing out the gallery for 47p!). We have a gallery packed with art and lots and lots of pieces (both big and small) on sale at whatever YOU want to pay. Some people tell us this is intimidating, that is not the intention, personally I’m more than happy to make my art accessible to all. There are no clever tricks here, come pay whatever you want and do it with a smile, not with any feeling of pressure”…

whatprice17Here’s how it works, down the bottom you’ll find some shots from day one

From Thursday 18th September until Sunday 21st September one half of the ever evolving art space called Cultivate will be devoted to another What Price Art event. For one last time in Vyner Street, Sean Worrall and a number of guests will show a selection of work, all work will be on sale, none of the pieces will be priced. Viewers can name their own price on any of the pieces, there will be no debate, whatever the viewer offers for a piece of work will be the price accepted and the viewer/buyer can take away the piece for the price they wish to pay.

whatprice2There will be no discussion, no debate, I shall be delighted to see you leaving with a piece of art exchanged for whatever you think is fair or or indeed for a price that that you think you can afford. Original art for everyone.

If you think it too intimidating then please please don’t be, this is a relaxed event, we are happy for you to leave with a piece, and do remember, I have left hundreds of pieces of art out for free this year around places like the Hackney WickED art festival, the Folkestone Fringe, around the streets and canal banks of London, the Liverpool Biennial and beyond, I am happy for you to pay a little (or as much) as you like.

whatprice10If you don’t want to name a price in the gallery with one of us standing there then fine, we can understand that, instead put your payment in an envelope before hand (or in one of the envelopes provided and we shall take your envelope and not look in the envelope until you have left with your piece of art.

Come buy a piece of art for as little as £1 (or less) or as much as £1000 (or more), or just come have a look anyway, we run an art gallery, not a shop!.

The only rule is no more than one piece per person. If you wish to buy a second piece then we will reserve the right to say no.

A percentage of the money made will go towards the evolution of Cultivate, a percentage to St Joseph’s Hospice, you find St Joseph’s around the corner from us in Vyner Street and we believe those who run art spaces, galleries should join in with the community, not take over the community, and yes a percentage will go to the artists (I need to buy fresh paint and maybe some food, paint doesn’t taste nice).

What price art?