Sunday, Vyner Street, Emma Street, street corners, hinges, found wood…

It was the last day of the final What Price Art show at Cultivate today, and the last but one show I shall put on in Cultivate’s current East London Vyner Street location. It has been a privilege to be part of the rather special street and to be out on that corner painting on things for the last three years.   I shall write about the What Price Art experience in a bit, sorry to those who found it a little stressful…..

Here’s some more work in progress on the Emma Street piece on found hinged wood, coming to a car park in central London soon for the We Could Not Agree show….

emmastreet13 emmastreet7Painted this piece of leaf growth today at Cultivate, it sold almost before it was dry as part of the What Price Art show…. sold before I could take a decent photo of it. Autumn Equinox flavours

sundaytoday1really do love painting on the street outside the front of Cultivate and engaging with all the passing people… I like my studio floor…


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