The year of the car park, growth left in Liverpool and…

Some growth left in a car park in Liverpool (it was there before Mr Turk parked his car), 2014 has mostly been about car parks, car parks have been far more exciting in terms of art venues and exciting events than the more “conventional” galleries. Rather pleased to say it looks like it will carry on with the 2015 Chinese Open happening down on Level minus seven of that gloriously brutal underground multistory car park in Soho, deepest West End of London. All happens in February 2015, more about it closer to the date…

Liverpool Leafheart
Liverpool Leafheart

Rather pleased to be invited to take part in the Chinese Open again in 2015, here’s some Organ coverage from 2014, the year was wholesomely full of car parks in Brick Lane, in Folkestone, in Liverpool, Westminster and Soho, in Hoxton, Shoreditch, 2014 the year of the car park….

Chinese Open, Soho, London,  2014
Chinese Open, Soho, London, 2014