it isn’t all about pulling pieces of wood out of skips or taking the food out of artist’s mouths…

Part 185 of the ongoing #365ArtDrops piece left hanging outside that East London art gallery that never ever opens, ended up in the garden of a musician from London Symphony Orchestra. Part 190 will be going out in a minute or two, I imagine 200 of the 365 pieces will have been carefully considerately “dropped” by the time the weekend is here….

it isn’t all about pulling pieces of wood out of skips or finding things to paint on on the street, although this off-cut piece of wood was picked up out of skip yesterday, this year has been about painting on things people don’t want, there are other things going on, bigger paintings to follow some of those seen at the Play show earlier this summer. The piece of woof coud not be resited, well would you? Wood You

Play, East London, 2015

Play, East London, 2015

#365ArtDrops Part 185 (found)

#365ArtDrops Part 185 (found)

The notion of hanging a painting on a wall for someone to just take should they wish seems to be upsetting one or two people (one or two so called street artists actually). Today’s rather irate e.mail talks of food being taken out of the mouths of those trying to make a living out of their art and that no one should be giving away art (what is is it with so called “Street” artists).  Some kind of brokenass froth and babble about people like him trying to build careers and people like me damaging that career, Seems he’s a serious artist and apparently serious artists should be in galleries and not hanging work for free on street walls. I had almost the same conversation last week, last week the artist at least had the balls to confront me face to face while he shook his cans of paint in my direction and lectured me about paying his rent and the price of fish. Now anyone who knows me knows well I’m not some beard-growing East London trust-fund rich kid, far from it, and really if you feel threatened enough to need to make threats then really you need to have a look at what and why you do what you do (the threat was something along the line of finding, removing and destroying every piece I hang).  When did it all become so infested with rules, when did so called street art become such a business? Who sets these rules? What is street art anyway? I never claimed to be a street artist (although I probably have more of a street art history than you). Who gets to say who can hang what where? I love art galleries (well some of them) but why should art always be in a gallery?  Art is this city is becoming more and more conservative and rule-infested by the day, I’ll paint what I want when I want, I’ll hang it where i want, I’ll charge what I want to, I’ll give it away if I want to, your “rules” play no part in the making and presenting of art (besides the rule that artists should be treated correctly by those involved in the business of art) and the careful “dropping” of art and the engaging with people who play in orchestras or run around in Arsenal shirts or who are over here visiting from Oakland or driving their car past the ruins of the George Robey over in Finsbury Park – “So happy nobody has taken this piece yet, I get to look at it every night on the way to work” said John (via social media) about the piece hung outside the Robey last week.

#365ArtDrops part 186 to 189, out and about around East London….

The be continued…..


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