I do like it when things like this happen…

Busy working on new shows this week, curator head on, the next Cultivate show is happening in a basement over London N16, a group show called Debaser will open at BSMT space, over in Dalston om Thursday March 24th (busy gathering the artists together right now). The date for 2016 Brick Lane Art Car Boot fair has been announced, 12th June, pleased to say we’ve been inviting to come along and Cultivate once again. More about the Art Car Boot Fair over on the Cultivate blog, and yes, I expect I will paint another One Hundred Pieced Piece this year. Working on a number of art shows and events at the moment, no manifestos, just on with the art…

The One Hundred Pieced Piece
The One Hundred Pieced Piece

“I do enjoy painting the one hundred pieced pieces every year, almost become a fixture for me now, each year I say that will be the last one, but it is always so much fun to paint the hundred pieces. There’s a certain pleasure in making the One Hundred Pieced Painting piece and selling each of the hundred pieces for just £1. I love the fact that parents let their kids buy them and then tell me that its their first bit of art, I love seeing the photos of cardboard pieces stuck behind pipes above cookers on kitchen walls, on bedroom walls, these pieces aren’t precious, but the engagement is, the smiles are, the photos of people with their pieces are precious…. I love being part of the Art Car Boot Fair, I think we all do as artists…. And so we’re excited to see that it is happening again this year and we’re excited to be invited to once again part again. Making, sharing and indeed selling art should be exciting, it should engaging, the Art Car Boot Fair is brilliantly engaging, the Art Car Boot Fair is where art lets his or her hair down and smiles all day, I for one can’t wait….” Read the full piece over  on the Cultivate blog.

#365ArtDrops Part 257
#365ArtDrops Part 257

I do like it when things like this happen…. brilliant!

Last year’s #365ArtDrops piece was very much about engaging, about the people who were finding and taking the pieces, finding out who they were and where the pieces were going. There’s been some great stories, still compiling it all, still finding out about where pieces went and who took them, still compiling and documenting it all. This came in last night via social media and a teacher and artist called Cait Sweeney…

“Hello Sean, I wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed following your ArtDrops, I run an after school art club for young people (7-11yrs) who are experiencing challenging circumstances. This year we are taking part in Oxfordshire Artweeks, I’ve been showing the group Your ArtDrops work, they liked your idea so much they have been working on their own ‘ArtDrop’ project as part of the Artweeks festival. I hope that’s alright with you, we shall of course flag your name and work up at any given opportunity! In fact we’ve just written an article about it for the local community newspaper Cowley News, citing you as their source of inspiration for the project..Paper comes out in a week or 2, can we post a copy of the article to your page? Best wishes Cait (and the PlaySpacers)”

365_found_oct12I love it when art engages with people, I love open-door galleries that welcome everyone, I detest closed-door galleries that want to engage, I don’t want to sell expensive pieces of art for collectors to lock up in rooms only they go in to, I love that this teacher and these kids have engaged with the drops, I had no idea this was happening until last night, of course this is alright with me, brilliant! Thank you Cait.

yes, still documenting the drops from last year, notes all over the place right now, and photos still coming in, if you have a piece do please take a photo of you with the piece and tell us a little about where you are, there will be a website dedicated to the #365ArtDrops piece sometimes very soon (actually I’d rather like to come out in print form should finance allow).

More clearing of the growth and the old leaves and thorns, this one is now sold. “Sometimes They Have Thorns” – Gold and silver acrylic paint on a found piece of wood, 2015 (48cm x 6cm)