A thorny piece for Pride…..

sw_rainbowthorn_6The Happy Valley Pride festival art show opens tonight, a rather painterly group show that’s part of a festival celebrating the LGBT community in Hebdon Bridge, Yorkshire….

This “Sometimes They Have Thorns” piece of canvas (the one on the left) has gone off to hang on a wall as part of said Pride show, you can find more details of the Happy Valley pride festival in Hebdon Bridge via this link, there’s a Facebook event page for more details of the actually exhibition

The piece of the left (on sale at £43 with all proceeds going to the fundraising there). is acrylic on Canvas, (60cm x 20cm). Another “43” painting. The piece on the right was painted at the same time, the piece on the right has already been sold. The two paintings were painted at the same time as a result of the invitation to take part in the Hebdon Bridge show.  I had no intention of painting any more pride flavoured thorny leafhearts, this was a one time piece in support of what looks like an excellent festival, really delighted to be invited to take part.  However, there has been a number of requests for prints or for another piece to be painted, I have now been persuaded to paint another piece in return for a percentage of the money made from the sale being donated to the fundraising , so now is the time to ask  if you’d like one… Hope everyone has a fine time at the opening tonight and at the festival. It is a pleasure to take part in a small way in a positive event like this, rather proud to be part of pride.  .      .