My side of the Fragile show last week…


SEAN WORRALL – Fragile at BSMT Space gallery, Feb 2016

Fragile opened this time last week, a group show and a gathering of 16 proactive artists, Cultivated in a basement gallery over in London N16. A short sharp shock of a Cultivate show, it was “eventful” pulling it all together, I’ll write about the process over on the Cultivate blog in a day or so, there are some words and images up there already, this website is more about my own art rather than my curating and artist-herding and the putting on of shows. There’s photos of the work of all the artists along with images from the busy opeing and some words and thoughts from me over on the Organ pages (where music, art and underculture is written about on a daily basis).

Here then are some images of my work on the walls of BSMT Space gallery as part as the Cutlivate curated gtoup show Fragile, it happened at the start of February, one wall full of the paiinting a day pieces and a couple of other larger pieces in there alongside the work of ther artists we selected for the latest Cultivate show

Click on am image ot enlarge or to run the fracture slide show….



The painting concluding each day thing went on, as did the 1p what price art auction thing…

The notion of a painting brought to a conclusion every day of the year went on, the 30th and 31st involved fresh growth on old seven inch vinyl records, the 29th meanwhile is a canvas piece called “Lost in a Looking…” – The notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth and new layers on a smaller piece of of evolving canvas. Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, marker pen, varnish on canvas 40cm x 40cm x 3cm The 29th painting of 2017.


“Lost in a Looking…”

The What Price Art? question go on again this week, I expect this will carry on throughout the year as well. The 4th weekly posting of a piece of work on e.bay happened last Wednesday, it ends tonight. Each week a piece posted on the auction site with a piece posted weekly at an opening bid price of 1p, each piece left there for a week and what price art? You decide. The 4th piece is currently up on-line, there to be bid on, view it here


This week’s What Price Art piece is a small hand painted Sometimes They Have Thorns Canvas piece (there it is just above, 15cm x 15cm), go grab it for a penny!  Go explore ebay, put my name in the search engine, I’m sure you’ll find it (as well as a number of other reasonably priced pieces of art from myself and other Cultivate associated artists)

Click on an image to enlargew or run the slide show of latest concluded pieces, as always the ca nal lbe found via the Cultivate on-line shop. This link will take you to the shop The Cultivate on-line shop is constantly re-stocked with work…

A thorny piece for Pride…..

sw_rainbowthorn_6The Happy Valley Pride festival art show opens tonight, a rather painterly group show that’s part of a festival celebrating the LGBT community in Hebdon Bridge, Yorkshire….

This “Sometimes They Have Thorns” piece of canvas (the one on the left) has gone off to hang on a wall as part of said Pride show, you can find more details of the Happy Valley pride festival in Hebdon Bridge via this link, there’s a Facebook event page for more details of the actually exhibition

The piece of the left (on sale at £43 with all proceeds going to the fundraising there). is acrylic on Canvas, (60cm x 20cm). Another “43” painting. The piece on the right was painted at the same time, the piece on the right has already been sold. The two paintings were painted at the same time as a result of the invitation to take part in the Hebdon Bridge show.  I had no intention of painting any more pride flavoured thorny leafhearts, this was a one time piece in support of what looks like an excellent festival, really delighted to be invited to take part.  However, there has been a number of requests for prints or for another piece to be painted, I have now been persuaded to paint another piece in return for a percentage of the money made from the sale being donated to the fundraising , so now is the time to ask  if you’d like one… Hope everyone has a fine time at the opening tonight and at the festival. It is a pleasure to take part in a small way in a positive event like this, rather proud to be part of pride.  .      .

43 canvas pieces for the 2016 Art Car Boot Fair…


43 pieces, Art Car Boot Fair, 2016. Coming up this Sunday, Brick Lane, London, 12th June. A series of 43 small canvas Sometimes They Have Thorns pieces, all on sale at £10 each on the day….

The place is a two floor treasure chest of colour and creativity….

wall_preview3The Harvey & Worrall exhibition at Wall & Jones opens this coming Friday evening, the space is alive with colour, with fabric, textiles, creativity, two floors for Emma Harvey and myself to hang work around. It looked wonderful today in there when I dropped in, none of our art in there yet, not hanging until Friday morning. Wall and Jones excites me, the place is a two floor treasure chest of colour and creativity, hanging art in alternative spaces is always exciting – under railway bridges, in condemned warehouses, and in the case in old tailors shops alive with dressmakers and their fabrics…

The Sometimes They Have Thorns piece there is painted in an old frame found in the corner of an East London Junk shop, it took a lOt of cleaning and the yellowing religious print had to be removed, the glass has cleaned up nicely and the frame has all kind of scars, I like that, I like that it has the marks left from hanging in an East End house, there’s an address on the back, I assume the address is where it came from, I like it when a piece has some history.    The piece measures 35cm x 105cm, it will be one of around 25 pieces of mine that will e hanging in the Wall and Jones space over the weekend  There are some images of some of the work in progress to view right there… Please click on an images to enlarge or run the slide show

A new series that will consist of 43 small canvas pieces – Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One)

Sometines They Have Thorns (A Small One 14/43)

Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One 14/43)

Wrote a slightly angry blog piece (over on the Cultivate page) about an aborted road trip to Luton yesterday, well a train ride actually,  one term is as good as another though, a road trip sound far more romantic don’t you think… A road trip (on a train) to Luton, another aborted train ride of a road trip to a festival up in Yorkshire, I won’t repeat it all here, I like to keep this page for the actual art I make rather than all the outpourings that revolve around running galleries and putting on shows and the way artists, on the whole, are treated (not very well), all over on the Cultivate blog if you’re interested, I really don’t want to repeat it all here, artists do need to make a stand though, a united one, unless it is a united one there really is no point. This website and this blog is about the art I make though, not the woes of artists, this is about layers and leaves and fresh growth and painting for the next show, the excitement of texture and colour of shape and contrast, of paint and mark-making…


Updated the Cultivate on-line shop yesterday, some of the small canvas pieces painted while confined inside a while-walled gallery last week. Really can’t be too expansive while sitting in a pristine art space, the formality demands restraint, this was not a space where I couple spray walls and throw paint. Some small canvas pieces then, there is a pleasure in painting small affordable pieces that people can just enjoy, a piece of art that in reality is worth no more than that CD you enjoy, or that dress you treated yourself to. That’s why the Art Car Boot Fair is such an enjoyable thing to take part in. So, spent last week in a white wall gallery and when I wasn’t talking to people, I painted some small (and reasonably affordable, the price of a CD or something similar) canvas pieces, a new series that will consist of 43 small canvas pieces – Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One 1/43)  A series that will continue until 43 have been painted and will available on line via the Cultivate shop or at the forthcoming 2016 Art Car Boot Fair(s) at Brick Lane (June12th) and Hastings(July 16th).2016 is about things in batches of 43 (the prices will all be price between £10 and £25).