Up on the white wall today, a new piece, A Golden One…

A Golden One (Oct 2016)
A Golden One (Oct 2016)

Up on the white wall today, a new piece, actually an old piece with some fresh leaf growth evolving on the canvas, fresh layers, thorns. (50cm x 50cm), acrylic on canvas (and there in the Cultivate shop today). The pleasure of leaves left to grow, the Captain’s Table… The White Wall is an outdoor wall where new paintings are hung so they can breath.

The Thirteen Shelves pieces continue to find their way out on to the street….

"Thirteen Shelves" Oct 2016
“Thirteen Shelves” Oct 2016

Yesterday’s Thirteen Shelves piece, one of thirteen paintings on thirteen wooden shelves Thirteen Shelves – October 2016. Thirteen white wooden shelves from a smashed up piece of furniture, 25cm x 35cm, found, recycled, turned into blank canvases and saved from a Hackney skip… and this one was left back out there on the Hackney Road, hanging there for someone to take should they wish to….All thirteen have been painted, six have gone out, seven are waiting to be liberated….