Werefrogs? White labels, the 50th daily painting on the 50th day and the ongoing what price art question…

50/365 – “Leaves on a Werefrog”

“Leaves on a Werefrog” -The notion of a painting brought to a finished state every day of the year during 2017. Fresh leaf growth on an unwanted recycled 12″ vinyl Record – an old Werefrogs white label twelve inch from the last century and a painting that has evolved once more with a fresh layer of growth.. Acrylic, spray paint, brush work, gold paint, glitter paint, marker pen, varnish The 50th piece on the 50th day of the year, today piece and a small painting concluded every day.  The 48th and 49th are in found recycled frames picked up off the Hackney streets, as always the pieces are deliberately kept at an very affordable accessible price and all three are now on sale via the Cultivate on-line shop

The most recent pieces in the painting a day series look like this (click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show)

The What Price Art? question go on again this week, I expect this will carry on throughout the year as well. The what price art question is being addressed via ebay, the 5th (almost) weekly posting of a piece of work on e.bay is live now, opening bid price of 1p, it ends om Wednesday evening. Each week a piece posted on the auction site with a piece posted weekly at an opening bid price of 1p, each piece left there for a week and there for you to decide what price the art is? view it here

Piece number two is a “Sometimes They Have Thorns” Canvas piece painted back in 2016, one in a numbered series on 43 small canvases, this one is number 32 – acrylic, brush work, marker pen, varnish, 15cm x 15cm x 1cm…