Thinking aloud, recent paintings, the real ones, not the throwaway pop art things…

Sean Worrall – “You Might Recall” – acrylic on found plywood, 70cm x 29cm (June 2018)

Busy clearing up, sorting out, making sense, making no sense. clearing out. The notion of a painting concluded every day goes on, day 543 today, a painting on a wooden cherry box, and this year’s art drops go on, about 120 so far this year, I expect there will be quite a few more this weekend – smaller paintings on found material, but this isn’t really what I really do as a painter/artist, Someone said to me the other day, another artist actually, that they thought the daily conclusions and the art drops were all I did, that they though I was all about mass producing leaf tags with spray paint, bits of pop art mass production on old bits of wood, that and leaving things on the street. No mostly I slowly paint bigger paintings, pieces that slowly evolve over the months,sometimes years that I then surround myself with while I run out of space….at the moment painting the series of star paintings is what I do, the rest of it, the art drops and such,all that stuff is just throwaway. Take no notice, I’m just thinking aloud… and not that i think anything I do is throwaway….

Some of the more recent paintings