Fresh growth, a new leaf, an old frame, curating the first show of 2019, not finished with this year yet…

Starz – Another Six (10cm x 10cm, acrylic on canvas)

So the Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party thing happened, it was busy, it was fun, well it was a lot more than just fun, it was important, a process of engagement, approachable, art with her hair down.,so to a smaller extent was the End of The Line Festive Fair over in Shoreditch, lots of art sent off to lots of places, Christmas presents in Ohio, paintings under the tree in Cardiff. The fairs are over, time to get on with the serious stuff now, art is for life, not just Christmas (although you still have time to grab a piece from the on-line shop if you’re quick). Time to lock myself in the studio while the holidays happen, well besides the drops that still need to happen before the year does finally end, not done with 2018 yet, still lots to do, mostly it will be about a couple of bigger pieces painted ready for what will probably be the first show of 2019 (unless something else comes up in the first two weeks of the year). The first show will be a Cultivate show, a group show over at the re-modelled gallery that is BSMT Space, an energetic maximalist group show called Attract, a show (hopefully) alive with painting, painters and a lot more besides – we’re busy working on the line up and pulling it all together right now – actually just had a painter who’s work I find really exciting, well the bits of it I’ve seen on her Instagram feed, never seen her exhibit even though she’s based in London, really want to see her work in the flesh, she has no on-line profile other than a couple of hundred followers following her rather rewarding Instagram feed, no website or anything, she tells me she can;’t be in a show in January because she has a show coming up in May! What is wrong? Where’s the energy? Why does art still act like we’re in 1975 and waiting for the next Emerson Lake an Palmer album? may is months away. Anyway, still loads to do this year, not done with 2018 yet, lots of drops to drop (well to carefully hang out there on the street), big paintings being painted in the dark of the early hours, artists being herded for Attract, artists being gathered together, responses to the Open Call and such..

work in progress, growth in a found frame, December 2018

Work in progress today at the studio,  fresh growth in a found frame, a touch of gardening and a piece that will, if al lflows in the right way, be on show at the BSMT Space over in Dalston for the Attract show on January 17th. The frame was in fact found by Greg over at the gallery, rescued from a skip in Hackney and handed over to me earlier this year.

And a recent piece of pop art, a painting on a leaf shaped canvas…

“A Leaf” – Acrylic on a  leaf shaped canvas, 20cm x 20cm