The Mare Street Lime, the skateboard…

“The Ridley Road Lemon, the Hackney Pomegranate and the Mare Street Lime February 2019. Acrylic on cardboard, 34cm x 34cm.

The Mare Street lime wanted in on the action, it was just lying there on the pavement, waiting to be picked up. The ongoing series of fruit studies, quick paintings, small pieces on found board or recycled cardboard or canvases that had already been worked on. It started with the lemon from Ridley Road Market and they guy saying “here painter man have a lemon to paint”, the lemon sat here waiting to be painted, a pomegranate joined in, a pomegranate from a Hackney shop, and then the lime joined in. I wasn’t a plan to paint a series of fruit studies, it just kind of happened, there’s no plan, no reason, I’m just enjoying it. Just enjoying the paint and the colour (that you can never actually photograph).


42 days into 2019, 42 days since the last art drop, I did put a painting in my bag the other day, not one of the fruity ones, a leaf, it is still in my bag, I might hang it on a wall for someone to take should they wish to, there again maybe not, I did get an invite from a gallery to come drop art in their seaside town, don’t want to go to the seaside until summer in in the air though. We’re working on a number of shows and events right now, next up is the ReDeckorate SkatePal show opening next Saturday….

SEAN WORRALL – Fresh Growth on an Old Skateboard (Jan 2019)

RE:DECKORATE – Re:Ply Skateboards and SkatePal are teaming up to bring you Re:Deckorate — an exhibition of recycled skateboards to raise money for SkatePal! Launch night is on Saturday 16th Feb at 6pm, “A chance to see artwork from 50 or so artists and such, art from the global skate community on recycled re:ply decks. .Don’t miss your chance to buy an original one-off piece on our launch night!”. more details when I have them. The exhibition happens at Jam In A Jar, 599a Green Lanes, London N8 ORE