Nothing is Square pt.2, a pear from Broadway Market, nothing is ever square…


“A Pear From Broadway Market (No. 2)” Feb 2020 – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm

“A Pear From Broadway Market (No. 2)” Feb 2020 – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm. The ongoing matter of fruit, still-life studies just for the pleasure of it. One of several new paintings emerging ahead of the fourth and probably final Cultivate Columbia ROad Takeover band at Shipton Street Gallery.  The one time shop has been a gallery for over ten years now, we like doing shows there, alas the space closes in terms of an art gallery at the end of March after our latest month of shows ends. 

The first of the three shows is taking up a lot of my time at the moment, curating and coordinating a show featuring 140 identiclally sized pieces of art and from some 38 artists is quite a task. The show in question is called Nothing is Square Pt.2, it opens on Thursday 27th February here in East London… Rather need to update the on-line shop with some of these new pieces, as always, everything is avaialble, if it isn’t in the shop please just ask…


The full details are here on the Cultivate website, althought Cultivate is a thing run by myself and fellow artist Emma Harvey, I really want to keep all that over on the Cultivate website, this website here is about my art rather tha nmy curating.  I shall of course have a number of pieces amongst the 140 that will be on the walls for the show, I expect you might find a piece of fruit or two, maybe a couple of the recent skyline paintings, one of the advantages of being the one doing the hanging is that I don’t have to decide until the very last minute. The show opens at 6pm on Thursday 27th Feb, everyone is welcome, no need ot get on a list or any of that stuff, just come along and hopefully enjoying. I;m really looking forward to hanging it all actually, rather excited by the line-up of artists we’ve pulled together for this one. .

“Counting (No3)” – January 2020, acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm.
“A Pear From Broadway Market (no. 1) – Feb 2020 – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm
Starz? – Rock Six Times” ( Feb 2020) – Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 20cm.