The latest Ten paintings, the Art Car Boot Fair extended for a whole week..

“Ten:87 (Possibly?) – 6th October 2020 – Acrylic on canvas, 10cm x 10cm x 1cm

The notion of a Ten painting concluded everydsy goes on, 89 days now, 89 paintings concluded, not daily paintings, just a painting concluded everyday. There was no plan when the series started, it might have lasted a week, a month, 43 days maybe? What it is doing is making me think about painting in a different ways, well no, not quite different, the paintings are throwing up questions, the size is interesting me – this series of paintings are always on a 10cm square canvas, always always the same size, always always ten (and always offered for sale at a price of £10, the kind of price you’d pay for a record, for a CD when you bought such things). I haven’t photographed the 89th painting yet, the most recent ones are further down the page, all of them are on the Ten Paintings page

The on-line Art Car Boot Fair 2020 until October 11th

All the thirty of Ten paintings painted in September have been made available exclusively via the Art Car Boot Fair, the fair was a one day event, however it is now a week-long on-line event and free to enter from today until it closes on Sunday October 11th so do please go have a look, this link will take you to my page – Art Car Boot Fair – you will also find the last few Tens left that were painted before September at the fair alongside quite a few other pieces of mine, Skyline paintings, Fruit Shop paintings and such. And I have now added all the October Ten paintings concluded so far to the Art Car Boot Fair page

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