An Anthology of Leaf Growth and the January sale and on with it all…

“An Anthology of Leaf Growth” – Acrylic, brush work, spray paint, marker pen on found book cover. 15cm x 20cm including the 3cm deep black wooden frame. A piece concluded yesterday, painted on a found book cover, the cover was just lying on the pavement by a market in Hackney, it couldn’t be left there, it had to be picked up. The cover has been hanging around collecting fresh leaf growth for a year or so, there was a final bit of growth cultivates yesterday before it was frames. The framed piece is now for sale.

And I did do some re-stocking of the on-line shop, I expect I shall do some more later, Most years we’d be well in to our first physical shows of the year by now. For the rest of January, while studio rent needs to be paid and galleries are all closed and shows aren’t happening, there is a 20% discount on all orders. This discount code is 20CULT2021. The shop can be explored here. More will be added as the week goes on. of course if you have seen something that you can’t find in the shop d oplease ask, it might stil lbe here in the studio.

And while we’re locked down and stuck inside and figuring out how to pay the rent and waiting for the better painting light and trying to pull rogether more on-line shows. And well I might be mostly stuck inside, I have been busy, it is the only way to be, art can’t stop, art is always a positive. It has been a tough year so far, no shows, locked down so no art drops, I do like to start a new year with lots of art drops, I do have leaves ready to be left on the street when things are looking a little more positive, an artdrop at the start of a new year is almost a tradition now but this has been a tough year so far. Hey, at least Trump is dumped, that has to be good news for the rest of the planet as well as our American friends, I have been painting while watching the the US developments and the stars falling off the flag and Trump’s hissyfits and the hope of Biden and Harris re-engaging with the climate change issues that brought on a green and white stars and stripes painting, the latest in that series

We are still bust with Cultivate, we might not be able t oput on physical shows, Emma and I did put together our fitrst on-line show of 2021, ReCultivate opened a couple of weeks back, 35 artists, over 170 pieces of work, explore the show and the art here . We are working on new shows right now. Self will open in February, Alright? will happen in March.